True to its promise, NET25 continues to create quality TV content for Filipinos around the world. The network aims to give the viewers something to look forward to every day and with this, they will make sure to make existing shows better and stronger. New shows will be launched to provide a wider range of programs from news and public service to entertainment. These programs can surely be added to your must-watch list.


NET25 prides itself in creating shows that will make information and public service more accessible to all Filipinos. For a year now, its TVRadyo program, ‘Ano Sa Palagay N’yo’ (ASPN), has been bringing the truth behind every news. Veteran anchors, Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza convey substantial commentaries, and insightful analyses of the day’s important events, issues, and personalities. In contrast to the male-dominated radio talk genre, these two present each issue with feminine attention to detail.

The show keeps an open line with government agencies, non-government organizations, and the private sector to make sure that every side of an issue is well explained to the viewers. 

For year 2, Team ASPN guarantees that they will continue to equip the viewers and listeners with correct information in a light but informative manner.

Find out what’s behind the news and issues of the day, Monday to Friday at 8’oclock in the morning.


Meanwhile, Aga Muhlach’s new season for his game show, Tara Game Agad-agad Level Up will continue to give more games and bigger prizes.

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TARA GAME AGAD-AGAD LEVEL UP is the only game show where people can win even though they don’t know the answer! The only game show where contestants race to press the buzzer and pass the question to their opponent.

And in its new season, Aga will be joined by two lovely and perky co-hosts, Tik Tok star Yukii Takahashi, and our favorite Brazilian actress and host, Daiana Menezes, who will surprise the public with instant TGAA LEVEL UP games. 

As they say, ‘Agad-agad ang kasiyahan, Agad-agad ang papremyo” so make sure to watch the new season because they certainly have more in store for us. 

New episodes will drop every SUNDAY, starting on OCTOBER 16 AT 7 PM


Last September, NET25’s longest-running talk show, Moments celebrated its 16th anniversary. 16 years of bonding moments and meaningful conversation with host, actress, and ultimate mom, Gladys Reyes.

To mark its new season, Moments gave its viewers new segments that will surely capture the hearts of every family. Watch out for “Chikat” or Chikahan with sikat, “Moment ko ‘to” (a segment where guests will challenge Gladys), and “Kusina Moments” (kitchen hacks). Join Hula-Hoop Queen Gladys and dance your way to fitness.

Remember, the best moments are shared with family so make sure to watch Moments with your family, every Sunday at 4 pm.


Veteran broadcaster- journalist Korina Sanchez- Roxas will join NET25’s roster of talents with her new lifestyle show, Korina Interviews. It is an intimate, insightful, fun, and informative conversation with known personalities about their public and private life.

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Guests will talk about their childhood, their victories and defeats, their love and passion, and their secrets to success.

For every episode, the viewer is taken through a whole lifespan from which one can discover reality, challenges and possibilities to overcome, and secrets to success.  They will have an entire library of life lessons worth going back each time.


Now on its 3rd season, the gag show ‘Oh No, It’s BO (Biro Only)’ offers more pranks and laughter to its viewers. The show features ordinary, clueless Pinoys being pranked.

What’s new on season three? You can also watch your favorite Tiktokers as their newest pranksters. Joining Oh On It’s BO gang are showbiz newcomers Online Influencers Niko Badayos, E.L Mendoza, and kumu Livestreamer Jai Gonzales. And to all Pinoys all over the country, get ready because the team will travel in different provinces and will try to prank you. Who knows you might be their next target?

Watch this hilarious show every Saturday at 8 p.m.


NET25 has been relentless in launching new shows with excellent content, quality production, and Filipino values. A recent addition to its growing family is the Sotto Family with their show, Love Bosleng, and Tali. Veteran host and comedian, Vic Sotto and his wife, Pauline Luna, and daughter Tali will make your Sunday more fun.

Each week the Sotto family helps out a letter sender needing advice on how to navigate through life’s ups and downs. Each episode talks about topics closest to the Filipino family’s heart: family, love life, survival, career, and friendship among others. The three Sottos dish out hilarious yet sound and meaningful life lessons to different letter senders each week.

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Starting on October 1, 2022, Saturday at 7 pm, viewers will be able to watch the newest sitcom titled “Ano’ng Meron Kay Abok’ starring Empoy Marquez (Abok) and Alexa Miro (Juliet). The story is about Abok and Juliet who are ex-sweethearts who went their separate ways. Abok worked in South Korea while Juliet remained in the Philippines to continue her father’s gotohan business.

Aside from Abok and Juliet, other characters will make the story more colorful. Meet Juliet’s sister, Jannie, and her best friend, Annette, who is also Abok’s niece. They will both fall in love with the tricycle driver, Tisoy. This shared romantic interest will measure how solid their friendship is.

After 5 years, Abok returns to the Philippines and finds Juliet in a relationship with the handsome and wealthy Doc Willy, the barangay doctor that is always ready to help. Everybody from the community is in favor of Doc Willy. But it seems that despite everything, Juliet is still falling for Abok. Ano ba talaga ang meron kay Abok? 

Find out every Saturday at 7pm.


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