Interesting how this popped up in my feed today! Just yesterday, I got to watch a couple of documentaries and videos about Korea’s standards of beauty (post to follow!). Check out this video which shows a couple of Koreans giving feedback on some of our hottest Pinoy stars’ looks. Who do you think fit into their beauty ideals? 🙂

REFERENCES for the Korean stars mentioned:

Liza Soberano Nana Afterschool Suzi Suzy Miss A

As they raved about Liza’s face, they mentioned some KPOP stars that she reminds them of. They are Nana of Afterschool and Suzi (Bae Suzy) of Miss A.


Shin Minah dimple

SHIN MIN AH of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (A girl in the video said Julia’s dimples reminded her of this actress)



TANG WEI (Not sure if they were referring to Kathryn as the one who will probably look like this actress if the Filipina doesn’t have makeup on)

 Photos lifted from Google images via,, and 


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