Piolo Pascual, Olivia M. Lamasan, Toni Gonzaga, and Iza Calzado
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To those who have lost hope in the local film industry, I suggest they watch Star Cinema’s Valentine offering, Starting Over Again. No wonder it earned a record-breaking Php 25 million for its first day of ticket sales! Watching this Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga project gave me that reassurance we are still capable of coming up with quality mainstream films.
I’m no movie expert but I do know a crappy film when I see one. Like most of you, I’m just a regular moviegoer trying to get my money’s worth. And with that, I’d like to share with you my random thoughts on why this Olivia M. Lamasan masterpiece deserves to be the highest-grossing film soon.
6 Random Reasons Starting Over Again is a Must-See Film

1) Excellently-woven story. There wasn’t a part of the film I found dragging or confusing. Its storytelling style managed to constantly move from the past to the present and vice-versa with ease and yet maintain its clarity. Although some punchlines seemed predictable, the film’s sense of humor did not disappoint. There was no need for over-the-top delivery of comedic lines.

2) Affective musical scoring. Did that “And now we’re starting over again…” playing in the background move you while watching this film’s trailer? Well, you’ll hear more of it during significant scenes. I believe its proper timing had a lot to do with intensifying the viewer’s emotions (and causing this LSS I’m experiencing as I type!).
3) Acting prowess. We have to give it to Piolo, Toni, and Iza. The three leads gave justice to their characters. Toni, who jumped into some notable daring scenes in this film, was truly a revelation. If you’ve seen her films in the past, you’ll notice Toni’s change in maturity and depth in acting. As a fellow moviegoer quipped, “Lakas maka-gripo ng mata ni Toni,” referring to her tearful scenes.
Similarly, Iza reminded us how good an actress she is with her unique style. It was as if she wasn’t acting at all. With Piolo, he proved there is more to him than the charm he’s known for. I wonder how many more girls have fallen into his trap and fell in love with “Chef Marco.” 🙂
4)Piolo’s hotness. Not a single moment was I reminded of the rumors hounding him. In every scene, he was every bit the “Papa P” hunk and heartthrob that he is. The Lola (grandmother) beside me wasn’t spared from the charm. She blurted out,”Ang pogi ni Piolo,” every time Piolo had a close-up shot.
5) Valuable lessons. More than the soon-to-be classic lines and funny punchlines, important lessons in life and love were conveyed in the film that may leave one reflecting about his or her own issues.
6) Beautiful ending. The scenes toward the end were unexpected and surprisingly remarkable. Enough said.
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