There’s a quiet sense of luxury and satisfaction in taking a nap, showering, and changing clothes minutes before your flight. I remember those days when I had to dash to the immigration counters while lugging myself to the boarding gates — they were never pleasant, believe me. Imagine the buckets of sweat that came with my incessant panting. But this time was different: hours of idle time at the transit hotel of Aerotel Singapore was surprisingly relaxing.

I had six hours before my flight to Sydney and I used the time I had so well. Besides the glorious nap time at 8 pm, I had one big American breakfast, err, supper too thereafter. I could have used the pool and the indoor gym too, but who dares to exercise right before a big holiday? (RIGHT?)

What’s the best part in staying at a transit hotel? The minute you return your room keycard and stepped out from the hotel lobby, voilà, the boarding gates are right next to you.

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