A brand that is anchored on love seeks out ambassadors who also radiate that love to everyone. This is the tie that binds Beautéderm to its power duo of queens who are both shining examples of love in both its internal and external manifestations.

It is because of love that Beautéderm was conceived by its president and CEO, Rei Anicoche Tan 13 years ago. Her passion and love for a business that she slowly turned into an empire is what fueled the brand despite the many challenges and upheavals that it had to overcome. It was also love that changed the lives of many of her resellers, distributors, and franchisees, because the brand not only represents opportunity, but also empowerment and independence.

And it is love that brought together two of the queens who are now occupying the Beautederm throne of beauty. One is the contemporary Movie Queen, and the other is GMA-7’s Primetime Queen. Bea Alonzo and Marian Rivera-Dantes embody queenly values through the shining example they have made of their personal and professional lives.

Bea, Beautederm’s ambassador for REIKO Slimaxine Diet Enhancer and REIKO Fitox Digestion Enhancer is a true believer and advocate of body positivity. Fitness and health over aesthetics: this is what Bea believes to be the true measure of sexiness in a woman. For her, it is important to be comfortable in the body we have been given, and we must ensure that the same body is well cared for with love and nourishment. “I’ve always believed in loving what you have over desiring what you don’t. When you love yourself, everything else falls into place. So don’t be pressured by what you see in others. You can admire them and be inspired by them, but you have to love what you’ve been given and to care for yourself always. That is how you can be completely happy in your own skin,” she reflects.

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Marian, who recently renewed her contract for Beautéderm Home, is a queen in her home and in the hearts of her family members. This hands-on mom and wife is a devoted home maker who values her family more than any of her myriad of accomplishments on and off the screen. “Para sa akin, ang pamilya ko ang inspirasyon, pag-asa, at number one consideration pagdating sa lahat ng mga desisyon ko sa buhay. Sila ang nagsisilbing gabay sa lahat ng mga passions at projects ko,” she muses. This is why Marian is also very selective with the brands she chooses to work with. They should reflect her values as well as allow her to be authentically herself in the process of collaboration.

With the renewal of her contract comes a new set of products under the brand’s Reverie Line: Pout Tout Faire – a 3-in-1 multi-purpose spray that deodorizes, disinfects, and protects as it is formulated to eliminate unpleasant odors; to instantly disinfect surfaces as it destroys bacteria and viruses upon contact; and to effectively protect. With its two variants Fresh & Vibrant and Clean & Calm, Pour Tout Faire is ideal for sanitizing and freshening the air; for linens and all surfaces; and it may be applied to the skin and on clothes while being 100% safe for children and pets. As a special treat to honor the renewal of her contract and to excite all of Marian’s and Beautederm’s fans nationwide, Reverie will be releasing a special, limited-edition soy candle box set that includes three new scents: Inviting Cherimoya, Irresistible Vanilla, and Tempting Pear & Melon.

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These two queens do not only represent Beautederm as a brand, but also inspire the people behind it, Tan most especially, as she continues to innovate with love in mind as she goes about her goal of beautéfying the country, one Filipino at a time. With Marian and Bea and their combined queenly qualities, there is no stopping the wave of love that is about to become the signature of Beautéderm for years to come.

by Chuck Gomez


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