Although it is often said that love is a form of communication that transcends words, the language of love and the norms of dating are continually changing over time.

In the popular digital series “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” on Puregold Channel, the main characters Angge (played by Yukii Takahashi) and Bryce (played by Wilbert Ross) effortlessly navigate the online world to develop their connection. However, even after meeting face-to-face, Angge and Bryce find it challenging to express their genuine emotions towards each other.

Let’s explore the world of online dating slang, and hopefully get ahead in the modern dating game.

Ghosting. This refers to the act of abruptly cutting off all communication with someone you’ve been seeing, with no explanation. Like a ghost, you simply disappear, leaving the other person wondering what went wrong.

Catfishing. This word describes the act of creating a fake online persona—using someone else’s pictures and information to fool others. In the world of virtual dating, one must be certain that the person they are talking to is truly who they say they are.

DTR. DTR is short for “define the relationship.” In the dating world. DTR is the conversation that a pair has, to determine whether they are on the same page and want to take things to the next level.

Swipe left / swipe right. People who have tried online dating applications are all too familiar with the act of swiping—the addictive scrolling through dating profiles and swiping right (if you’re interested) or left (if you want to pass), based on a person’s photos and bio.

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Netflix and Chill. While the phrase sounds innocent enough, Netflix and Chill has taken a more suggestive meaning in the dating world, usually hinting at a casual and intimate meetup rather than a simple watching a movie.

Thirst Trap. In social media platforms, posting a good-looking photo with the intention of attracting attention and compliments from admirers and potential love interests is called a thirst trap.

Slide into DMs. If a thirst trap catches your attention, or as soon as you are interested in someone, you slide into DMs (direct messages) to initiate a private conversation and express your interest. Most online dating success stories start with this quick yet difficult step.

BAE. BAE, which means “before anyone else,” is a term of endearment for a significant other, a way of expressing special feelings for a person they deeply care about.

IRL. Short for “in real life,” this means a pair conversing online decides to meet someone face-to-face, a thrilling step that can take the virtual connection into the physical world.

Meet Cute. And as soon as the meeting up IRL happens, a potential pair may have a meet cute, or a cute and adorable encounter that may lead to a romantic connection.

In recent episodes of Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, Angge and Bryce, still stuck in the friend zone, have not DTR-ed yet and continue to deny their feelings for each other.

Despite their online and IRL meet cute, Angge’s ex, Jerry, and Bryce’s admirer-slash-stalker Chili Anne seem to get in the way. In the next episode, will the two finally become each other’s bae?

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Catch the next episode of the hit digital series, Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile on July 3, 7 p.m., on Puregold’s official YouTube Channel, and learn more not just about online dating, but about romance, friendships, and family.

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