August 14, 2020, Quezon City, Philippines – Artist. Author. Advocate.  

On top of these roles, celebrity Love Marie “Heart” Evangelista Escudero has taken on another one this year as a brand ambassador for healthy skin and much-needed immunity. 

This quarter, Heart finally shares the secret that helps her achieve healthy, hydrated skin 1 – she is the new face and “heart” so to speak of top adult Vitamin C brand ²,
PotenCee’s newest variant – PotenCee + C.

Along with award-winning actress and fellow philanthropist Bea AlonzoHeart is now part of the growing list of PotenCee endorsers.  She represents the women who stand to benefit most from the PotenCee + C variant which has two components: hydrolyzed collagen that helps hydrate the skin and helps reduce wrinkles, and 

Vitamin C that supports collagen production and boosts immunity ³. 
While she just turned 35 this February, Heart is aware of the need to care for her skin this early, given the demands of her multiple roles.  Evangelista says: “This year,I am givingmyself the gift of beauty andhealth. While I knew then that the years would eventuallytakeatoll on my skin,I amgrateful to discover now that Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen,which is essential for healthy skin.   

Moreover, Evangelista adds: “These are trying times for our country, especially with the prevalence of COVID-19. We really must do what we can to protect ourselves and to strengthen our immunity.  We can do that by eating healthy food, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and taking food supplements such as PotenCee + C.” 
PotenCee, through its variants, addresses specific health and lifestyle needs of consumers. Its variants include: Forte (1G of Ascorbic Acid), Sugar-Coated (easy-to-swallow and no sour taste), Sugar-Free, Chewable, and Non-Acidic (Sodium Ascorbate). 

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