In order for remote teams to collaborate successfully, it is important to lay a solid work foundation. This begins with a digital productivity tool that allows them to get work done, seamlessly and effectively. The simpler the tool, the greater the output. This is especially true for digital tools that are easy to use, complete, and efficient, such as Lark. 

Here are some ways that you can use Lark as a simplified digital tool to maximize your remote team’s output. 

Time management made simple

Lark is an all-in-one collaboration app, which means that everything you need for work is together in one place. No time or effort is wasted switching between apps for communication, file sharing, and document creation. And, with Lark’s time-saving smart search bar, you can quickly find colleagues, messages, calendar events, documents, sheets and folders with just one click. Scheduling meetings and events between team members from anywhere around the world is simple, too, using Lark Calendar. Its multi-time zone view ensures that everyone’s non-working hours are taken into consideration, helping you find an optimal schedule that’s best for all. 

Simplified work communication

Effective communication is essential for remote teams to thrive. Lark offers several different ways for you to stay in touch with your team. Lark Mail gives you a redefined email experience, integrated with other work tools. Quick discussions can be done with ease over Lark Messenger. For longer conversations, meetings, and online conferences, there’s Lark Video Call, which offers unlimited call minutes for up to 100 participants. All these are integrated within the Lark app, simplifying work communication, and eliminating the need for any other messaging tool. 

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Collaboration made simple

Working together while physically apart is easy when you use Lark. During video calls, Lark’s advanced screen sharing capabilities allow all meeting participants to view, and edit shared documents simultaneously, in real-time. Collaborating on files is simple with Lark Docs, which also allows multiple users to work on one file, at the same time. When something needs the immediate attention of a co-worker, you can easily tag this person within a document, and he or she will receive a notification on Lark Messenger regarding this. 

A simpler way to be agile

Remote workers benefit from a flexible and agile work environment, where they can make the most out of their productive hours. With Lark as a cloud-based online office, work can happen anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Continue to work on the go using Lark’s mobile version, without losing any of the essential functions found on the desktop app.

Simple, safe, and secure

Lark is simple to learn, easy to use, and ideal for remote workers across various industries. Whenever a third party app is needed to get work done, it can easily be integrated into Lark through Lark Workplace. Plus, teams and data are guaranteed to be safe and secure within Lark through an AWS certification that complies with the strictest rules in cloud computing. This way, you can worry less, and focus more on growing your business.

Absolutely free to download and use, Lark truly is an ideal tool that simplifies remote work to help boost your team’s productivity.

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Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark.


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