Castle Whiskey has made a bold move by choosing Angelie “Pench” Andanar as their new calendar girl, challenging traditional beauty norms in the Philippines where tattoos are often viewed skeptically. At 36, Pench, a freelance model and single mother, breaks the typical calendar girl stereotype with her extensive body tattoos, becoming a symbol of edgy beauty and self-expression.

Pench started her modeling career in 2006, gaining recognition as FHM Philippines’ Girlfriend Of The Month in May 2010. Her unique blend of an angelic face and bold tattoos has made her a prominent influencer in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Pench is not just a model; she advocates against tattoo discrimination, making her collaboration with White Castle Whiskey more than just a modeling gig—it’s a profound statement for inclusivity and celebrating diverse beauty.

White Castle Whiskey, known for iconic imagery, is embracing inclusivity by choosing personalities like Pench, challenging conventional standards. The brand’s history of bold choices, including vlogger Ninong Ry and body positivity advocate Ria Atayde, demonstrates a commitment to celebrating all body types.

In a progressive move, Destileria Limtuaco featured Sassa Gurl, their first LGBTQIA+ personality, underscoring the brand’s dedication to diversity. Pench’s inclusion aligns with the brand’s history of breaking boundaries, making a cultural impact by celebrating self-expression, challenging tattoo stigma, and recognizing tattoos as a form of art.

Choosing Pench as the face of White Castle Whiskey signifies evolving beauty perceptions, acknowledging tattoos not just as adornments but as representations of stories and experiences. Pench, with her compelling persona and advocacy, is not only a model but also a trailblazer redefining beauty standards, one tattoo at a time.

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