Whether you are feeling bloated from all the holiday eating or just wanting to jumpstart your weight loss plan for 2022, this 3-day fat burn and digestive reset cleanse by Pillow Bread PH may just be perfect for you.

For several years now, I have been a serial dieter and was always on the lookout for the fastest and easiest way to shed off the extra weight. It was only in October of last year that I finally gave up and chose to take the longer but more sustainable route to weight loss. For full disclosure, prior to getting into this reset cleanse program, I have already been regularly exercising and eating clean with the help of a fitness and diet coach for a month. I did the cleanse on a weekend, while taking a break from workout sessions and diet meals.

My weight, during the time of the cleanse, reached a plateau. While drowning in frustration, I got hit by an Instagram ad and am truly grateful for that. I found something that I can now call my go-to method.

The story behind Pillow Bread PH

The passion and purpose behind the brand, and the heart involved, make it worthy of support. ♥

I fell in love with Pillow Bread PH’s brand story when I chanced upon its owner’s Youtube video. I was inspired by how the business was able to thrive in the midst of a pandemic because of creativity and innovation.

Meet Clara Day Herrera, an international yoga and meditation teacher, CEO of ADA Inc., global speaker and coach, and UK-certified vegan and vegetarian nutrition specialist. Her wellness and nutrition expertise makes her qualified to offer this effective reset cleanse.

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“My background in Ayurveda made me aware that our digestive health plays an important role in our overall health,” Clara said as she introduced her uniquely designed 3-day cleanse program. “It is not a juice cleanse or bone broth,” she added.

True enough, I have tried both the juice cleanse and bone broth programs from other brands but I was only able to last a day because feelings of hunger and deprivation took over. I was surprised and amazed that the Pillow Bread PH program is doable and effective.

As promised in its brochure, the 3-day program is designed to allow the digestive system to relax and get rid of toxins so it will be able to absorb the nutrients from food better. All the drinks and dishes are dairy-free, low-carb, sugar-free, gut-friendly, and gluten-free.

How I lost 5 pounds in 3 days

With excitement, commitment, and trust in the process, I happily did the 3-day cleanse last November. Instead of thinking about being deprived of the usual meals I have, I imagined my digestive system being given its much-needed “vacation” and just looked forward to feeling lighter after three days (which did happen!).

It helped a lot that the program was designed in a way that you will feel full and energetic. In a detailed guide that comes with the pack, you will find solutions to expected scenarios like having temptations to eat or drowsiness.

What I had:

For three days, I had these drinks and soups: warm lemon fiber drink, low-carb vegan protein strawberry shake, lean green boost, and vegan soups (roasted tomato and basil, pumpkin, and cauliflower!).

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Screenshot of my November Instagram story
My hunger-buster came in handy – the vegan bulletproof coffee
Note: This comes separately.

As informed by Clara, the vegan bulletproof coffee may add a slight increase to my caloric intake but it did help me power through each day by making me feel full longer.

Other testimonials:

Get a personalized plan

Aside from the cleanse, Pillow Bread PH offers a Premium Customized Nutrition program to its clients. Clara acknowledges that when it comes to nutrition, it is not one size fits all.

“Keto or paleo [diet] is not for everyone. Our bodies have different needs to achieve our health goals,” Clara emphasized. Her brand offers personalized plans for clients based on their medical conditions or weight loss goals.

Random note: Follow Pillow Bread PH on Instagram (click HERE) and gets lots of wellness tips. I really love the ones they have like these.

Facebook: /pillowbreadph

Website: https://www.pillowbreadph.com/

E-mail: [email protected]


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