Random Republika’s Celebrity Lookalike Portion
Hey Randomistas!
We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest portion here at Random Republika — KAPE o KAFEZ?, a celebrity lookalike portion open to submission from you, our dear readers. You can submit your own photos or ones of people you know (it would be better if you get the person’s permission first!).
For our kickoff, we scouted for random dead ringers online and we’re sharing them with you here. Aside from our discoveries, we’ve already been getting some submissions too but we can’t wait to get more from you! 🙂

To put things in perspective, what exactly does KAPE o KAFEZ mean?

Based on the becky expression, “Kapeee!!!,” when telling someone off that he or she has to drink coffee to get some sense or get nervous about a certain belief or matter-of-factly statement. In this case, we are referring to the belief that the person in the photo looks like a specific celebrity.
 This simply stands for ka-face or a definite lookalike.GET FEATURED:

Send in your photos (preferably hi-res or at least not pixelated) to randomrepublika@gmail.com 
with the subject KAPE o KAFEZ?
and you just might get featured in our future posts!
Don’t forget to do the following: 
1) suggest a FUNNY or CATCHY photo caption
2) mention the name of the celebrity you or your friend is a dead ringer for
3) Tell us your name (an alias/nickname will do)
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KAPE o KAFEZ? | Toni Gonzaga

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