Despite Rob’s shady attempt to get Little Mix’s Love Me Like You stuck in our heads for the entire duration of our Kuala Lumpur road trip, we all decided Adele’s Hello was still our ‘last song syndrome’ runaway winner. Can’t help it. Lola Adele’s melodramatic tunes was just perfect for our idyll, long morning drive.

Hailing all the way from hazy Singapore to Malaysia’s scurrying capital, KL was more of an escape rather than a destination for JP, Nick, Rob and me.

Escape from expiring work visas, from worn out bodies, from hungry tummies,from flying solo and from basic heart woes.

For our overnight KL sojourn, we’ve said multiple hellos (and goodbyes): to endless buffets, to the Petronas Towers, to our paandars, to our fellow ‘PINOY!’ (Hanz) who is based in KL, to our nighttime snoring, to our exes, and to our egos.  

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, and go over everything.’ 

Lunch at Rocku Yakiniku Japanese BBQ Buffet at Pavilion Mall, KL:

rocku yakiniku japanese bbq bufet in kuala lumpur kl malaysia

rocku japanese buffet pavillion kl mall malaysia

rocku japanese buffet pavilion kl malaysia

Bukit Bintang / Pavilion Mall 

pavilion street kuala lumpur bukit bintang busy pedestrian crossing

bukit bintang pavilionn kuala lumpur streets of malaysia

Petronas Towers / KLCC

klcc petronas towers street colorful malaysia skyline

petronas towers photo sideways kl kuala lumpur icon malaysia

kl crew petronas towers

Traders’ Hotel Sky Bar

traders hotel sky bar nightclub bar kl kuala lumpur rooftop bar

Nightlife at Changkat, Bukit Bintang

changkat bukit bintang bars and clubs kl nightlife

changkat bukit bintang bars and clubs kl nightlife 2

Bangsar Neighborhood

bangsar cafe neighborhood in kuala lumpur malaysia

bangsar village cafe kl malaysia

viva mexicana bangsar neighborhood kl kuala lumpur malaysia

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