BEAUTéDERM Corporation continues to jumpstart the fourth quarter of 2019 with one surprise after the other as it officially renews its formal partnership with Marian Rivera-Dantes as the face of its Reverie by Beautéderm Home line for another full year. 

The partnership between Beautéderm and Marian started last year and it was a massive success that broke social media and trended in almost every news platform in the country. 

Beautéderm was founded and established in 2009 by its President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan. The company embodies Rhea’s principle that beauty begins by taking care of one’s self, and by doing so a person will become more healthy and shall exude beauty not only in the outside but in the inside as well. 

As one of today’s top leaders in the beauty and wellness industry, Beautéderm prioritizes safety and effectiveness above all with its FDA Notified products, which only uses natural ingredients that are perfectly synergized to deliver the fastest and most effective long-term and sustainable results. A consistent Superbrands awardee, some of the flagship brands of Beautéderm are Beautéderm Skin Set which includes its patented soap, toner, day cream, and night creams; Beautéderm’s Purifie Facial Wash; and Beautéderm’s Origin Senses perfume line for men as well as a new set of fabulous products such as Beauté Balm, Au Revoir Skin Soothing Oil, and Cristaux Gold Elixir Serum – all of which are top-selling products in the market today.  Currently, Beautéderm has physical stores throughout the country and one in Singapore, and has almost a thousand resellers and distributors both locally and internationally.

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Reverie by Beautederm Home is an exquisite line of home scents – from soy candles to room and linen sprays – created by Beautéderm in close collaboration with Marian. 

The Reverie line of Beautéderm Home includes Into The Woods (Bamboo Scent), Smells Like Candy (Cherry Scent), Time To Bloom (Fresh Rose Scent), Something Minty (Eucalyptus Scent), and Rest & Relaxation (Lavender Scent).

“I am so happy to represent Beautéderm Home,” says Marian. “Beautéderm Home is like a family to me. I literally feel like I’m at home every time I’m with them and every time I work with their team. Rhea has always made me feel so comfortable and my partnership with her is really something that is very dear to my heart. I am grateful that Beautéderm Home has renewed me for another year and I am humbled for the trust that they are giving me.” 

Rhea on the other hand has very exciting news. “Beautéderm Home and Marian are currently developing new products that will be added to the line due to the success of Reverie,” says Rhea. “We at Beautéderm really felt the ‘Marian fever’ when we launched her last year and we continue to feel that now because of the very good sales of Reverie. We are ecstatic to have her onboard and we can’t wait to work with her again for another fruitful year.” 

For more exciting news and cool updates on both Marian Rivera-Dantes and Beautéderm Home, follow @beautédermcorporation on Instagram and like Beautéderm on Facebook. 


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