The Japanese pop-rock trio SKYGARDEN, consisting of Ryoichi “Ryo” Rivera Nagatsuka, Hiro Ozaki, and Iwaki “Iwa” Maegawa, has returned with a fresh single titled “HISTORIA” under Alt G Records. The track, released on digital platforms on January 19, follows their debut single “KOKOA” and aims to once again captivate audiences with its themes of love, loss, and resilience in the face of the past.

“HISTORIA” holds a special significance for the band as it draws inspiration from Iwa’s personal experiences in a past relationship. The narrative unfolds the tale of two college sweethearts compelled to part ways due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Despite their deep affection for each other, Iwa makes the poignant decision to allow his girlfriend to pursue her dream of working abroad, making a sacrifice for her future at the expense of his happiness.

“It took me two years to move on from that relationship, and I will always love her. In those two years, I moved here in the Philippines, and we started SKYGARDEN. It was a really big decision, but I’m okay now. Sometimes, I think what would happen if I chose a different path,” shares Iwa.

“Even though Iwa and his girlfriend love each other, there’s this situation that made them break up,” explains Ryo. “Iwa lost his job during the pandemic, and he doesn’t want to hold her back. So, he makes the difficult decision to let her go, even though it hurts him deeply.”

Hiro, on the other hand, narrates the group’s experience recording the song for the first time in GMA Music’s studio. “It was our first time, and GMA Music has really good equipment. It made us appreciate the song even more, especially with the guidance of Sir Kedy Sanchez (GMA Music’s Artist and Repertoire Manager and in-house producer).”

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The song is not just a tribute to Iwa’s past love, but also a message of hope and resilience. It encourages listeners to embrace their own “historias,” the memories that shape who they are, even if some of them are bittersweet.

The music video directed by Njel de Mesa, set for release on January 26, will further amplify the song’s message with a cinematic portrayal of the story.

Dive into SKYGARDEN’s “HISTORIA” on digital platforms worldwide.


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