Having attended the press conferences for and star-studded premiere night of GG (Good Game): The Movie, my expectations for it were already set high. What unfolded on the big screen was different from my initial anticipation, revealing a film that goes beyond the realm of gaming. Here’s a breakdown of the elements that stood out to me:

Cinematography and visuals

Under the directorial work of Prime Cruz, the cinematography of GG was impressive. The carefully crafted camera shots and inclusion of the exclusively designed video game, Requiem, by Filipino game developers added a visual treat for the audience.

The lead stars: Donny Pangilinan & Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Donny Pangilinan’s portrayal in the film is a revelation, showcasing a surprise departure from his role in the nightly series “Can’t Buy Me Love” with Belle Mariano. As an avid viewer of the series, I can say that he dropped his “Bingo” persona and brought Seth or “Eskape” to life distinctively. Having seen his performances through the years from the very first film he starred in, his growth as an actor is evident in GG, particularly in doing dramatic scenes. His character is a memorable highlight of the movie.

As a veteran actress, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan’s presence in the film as a mother figure adds a layer of warmth and depth. Her performance contributes significantly to the emotional resonance, providing a balance to the highly competitive and action-packed sequences.

Ensemble cast

As expected, the film’s cast, including Baron Geisler, Boots Anson-Roa, and Christian Vasquez, delivered performances that were both convincing and effective. Notably, the supporting characters part of the Tokwa’t Bad Bois team played by Kaleb Ong, Igi Boy Flores, Johannes Isler, and Gold Aceron not only brought relatability but also endearment to the narrative, forming a well-knit ensemble. 

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Musical scoring

The musical scoring emerges as a highlight, effectively enhancing various scenes, especially those that are slow-paced and heart-tugging. The song Your Universe by Moira Dela Torre stood out and made me play the song on Spotify after watching the film. The well-chosen background music contributes to the overall emotional impact, making the storytelling more touching. 

GG is GV

The narrative unfolds beyond the gaming world, turning the film into a personal experience. GG transcends the traditional confines of a gaming movie, imparting GV or good vibes in the form of valuable lessons about love, life, and family. It is breaking stereotypes and enlightening onlookers of an industry set to boom even bigger than how we see it now.

GG (Good Game): The Movie, produced by Mediaworks and distributed by Star Cinema, is NOW SHOWING in cinemas nationwide.


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