AsterisK Entertainment, in a dazzling launch, introduced fresh faces into the entertainment scene last January 14. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the management and its roster of artists. Headed by Kristian G. Kabigting, AsterisK is set to create a mark in the industry with 31 artists under its wing. Co-managed by renowned talent agencies like Sparkle GMA Artist Center, Net25’s Star Center, Cornerstone Entertainment, and Viva Artist Agency, these artists are ready to shine in the spotlight.

Ayumi Takezawa

Ayumi Takezawa, a longstanding artist under Asterisk Entertainment, has graced our screens since 2017. From TV shows like Wansapanataym to digital series like “My Extraordinary,” Ayumi is a versatile performer. With her recent appearance on PIE Channel’s “Ur Da Boss,” Ayumi is set to reveal a new facet of her talent in 2024.

Kurt Rivera

Kurt Rivera, not just a handsome face, won hearts with his vocal prowess and guitar skills in GMA Tiktoclock’s Boy Romantiko. Recently gaining attention on TikTok, Kurt is more than just a charming face as he ventures into a promising career in the entertainment industry.

Jaja Disuanco

Jaja Disuanco, a prominent name in the E-Sports industry, has crossed over to the world of entertainment. With over 1 million followers on Facebook and TikTok, she brings her influence to the stage. Jaja’s unexpected journey, including a stint on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime segment “EXpecially For You,” sets the stage for her exciting venture with Viva Artist Agency.

Kyosu Guinto

Kyosu Guinto, the freshest face of AsterisK, emerged from TikTok with an unpredictable charm that trended on social media. With a dreamy voice and a promising future, Kyosu is one to watch as he steps into the entertainment limelight.

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Trainee AE

Trainee AE, AsterisK Entertainment’s PPOP Trainees, is a group of 14 members hailing from different parts of the country. Comprising two sub-units, A Class and Project Z, these rising stars have been performing in various locations, captivating audiences with their passion and talent.

A Class

A Class, a sub-unit of Trainee AE, consists of 9 members who transitioned from ABS-CBN’s Dream Maker. Their dedication to performing has taken them across Metro Manila, showcasing their skills at different events and festivals.

Project Z

Project Z, another sub-unit of Trainee AE, comprises 5 members with diverse backgrounds. Despite not originating from the same group, their chemistry shines through. Their cover of SB19’s “I Want You” garnered attention, propelling them to various events and festivals.

Dana Davids

Dana Davids, an all-rounder powerhouse actress, is set to grace our screens in the Filipino adaptation of the comedy-drama series “Call My Manager.” As one of Net25’s Star Center’s Pioneer Starkada Artists, Dana continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

Arwen Cruz

Arwen Cruz embarked on her artist journey in 2022, starting with a win on Eat Bulaga. Under Asterisk’s guidance, she became one of Net25’s pioneer artists, launching the show “Road to Starkada” in 2023.

Steven Nacpil

Steven Nacpil, winner of TV5 and Cignal’s Reel Rising Star, brings a goofy personality with serious talent to the table. His victory led to appearances in Reel Serye and various music videos, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment scene.

Ice Reyes

Ice Reyes, a performer since childhood, broke into the scene in 2023 with the hit TV adaptation of “Maging Sino Ka Man.” Her success has reached Netflix, and at just 16 years old, Ice is poised for a bright future in the industry.

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Hannah Balahadia

Hannah Balahadia, with acting skills honed through workshops and projects in both GMA and ABS-CBN, is set to make a mark in the entertainment scene. Her notable role as young Loisa Andalio in “Love in 40 Days” showcases her acting prowess.

Trajan Moreno

Trajan Moreno, a multi-talented artist and athlete, is shifting focus to his musical career. With plans to unveil his rock/grunge/metal compositions, Trajan’s diverse talents include acting, dancing, and modeling.

Keith Moreno

Keith Moreno, a charming young talent, not only won the hearts of many but also earned a spot among the “100 Cutest Faces 2023.” With modeling and acting stints, Keith is ready to captivate audiences with his stage presence.

Erico Ricabar

Erico Ricabar, a new addition to the Asterisk roster, may be quiet, but his looks speak volumes. As an ambassador for Prestige International and a dancer, Erico brings a unique charm to the entertainment scene.

Mianne Chanel

Mianne Chanel, an aspiring actress for a decade, has earned notable roles in Annaliza and Spark. As a long-time influencer, Mianne has collaborated with various brands, showcasing her charm and appeal.

Steel Remington

Steel Remington, a fresh face from “Dream Maker: The Search for the Next Global Pop Group,” brings both performing and pageantry experience to AsterisK Entertainment. His stage presence and charm promise an exciting journey ahead.

Ayana Quizon

Ayana Quizon, granddaughter of the Comedy King Dolphy, is set to make a royal entry into the entertainment scene. Aspiring to be a singer, Ayana will undergo training to become a part of Asterisk’s first Girl Group.

Athalia Badere

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Athalia Badere, a pageant queen with beauty, talent, and skills, is ready to shine under Asterisk Entertainment. As an actress, singer, and dancer, Athalia is a multifaceted artist set to make her mark.

Cass Carpina

Cass Carpina, a 16-year-old newcomer, transitioned from dancing to fulfill her dream of becoming a great performer. With a fresh perspective, Cass brings youthful energy and enthusiasm to Asterisk Entertainment.

As Asterisk Entertainment launches into a new era, these artists promise a year full of risks and triumphs. From seasoned performers to emerging talents, each individual brings a unique flavor to the entertainment scene. Keep an eye out for what these fresh faces will bring to screens and stages throughout 2024, as they carve their paths in the industry. The journey has just begun.


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