Whether you’re staying indoors or spending time outdoors, staying safe and protected these days is top priority. There is great news for primary shoppers at home! Fresh Healthlab, a trusted and well-loved health essentials brand by celebrities, moms, and health and fitness enthusiasts is now available on online shopping platform SHOPEE.

FRESH is a Filipino brand that offers Korean-value skin and personal care products that are affordable yet of high quality. It promotes a home-use concept where looking your best is achievable without having to spend on high-value treatments.

#LiveFresh #StayFreshBeProtected

Shop for your daily health essentials safely and conveniently with Shopee! In case you missed the February 18 sale with up to 50% off in discounts, you can still check out self-care products from FRESH.

Here’s a sample powerful combination to get you internally and externally protected (Mybacin + KF94 Face Masks):

  1. Myseptic Mybacin Lozenges: Daily vitamins that boost immune system. Helps relieve sore throat, provide refreshing sensation. It has Zinc that helps improve growth.
  1. KF94 Face Mask: Trendy and breathable disposable masks that blocks dust, air pollution, and micro organisms. Comfortable, breathable KF94 Mask that comes in 5 trendy colors

Here’s a sneak peek of FRESH on Shopee:

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Check out these links:

Fresh Philippines Shopee Store: https://shopee.ph/freshphilippines

Myseptic Mybacin Lozenges HERE
Fresh Healthlab+ KF94 Face Mask HERE

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