Engr. Benjie Austria of BenTria Productions, the producer of the movie Broken Blooms, is overwhelmed by the actors’ ongoing success both domestically and abroad. Jeric Gonzales most recently took home the Best Actor prize at the New York City’s Harlem International Film Festival.

At its annual Ani ng Dangal awarding event held at the Malacañan Palace last February 22, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts honored 33 artists and works. One of the performers to get the prestigious Ani ng Dangal award for the same movie, Broken Flowers, was Jeric Gonzales. 

The celebration honors those who have excelled in recent international competitions and awards in the fields of architecture, cinema, dance, theater, literature, music, visual arts, and broadcast arts.

“Syempre happy at overwhelmed ako na nagkaroon ng international recognition award as best actor in Harlem, New York so thank you sa government na naacknowledge sa malacanang through NCCA since this is a first venture project under BenTria Productions,” Benjie Austria of BenTria Productions said in response to the media about the recent success of Broken Blooms.

Broken Flowers has previously been screened in a number of international film festivals and won more than ten accolades and prizes. At the Harlem International Film Festival, Jeric Gonzales earned his first ever international prize for Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio. At the Mokho International Film Festival and Tagore International Film Festival, two Best Actor honors from India were given after that. The Italian Montelupo International Film Festival also presented an award. Also, in 2022, the movie won big at the Saskatchewan International Film Festival.

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Eng’s first film project is this one. Benjie Austria of Bentria Productions is deserving of praise and adulation because he clearly has an eye for a ground-breaking production that honed its actors to perfection and gained more reputation both domestically and internationally for its original plot and impeccable casting and direction. Clearly, this is not just a one-hit wonder for this production company; in the future, we may anticipate more noteworthy films from them.

The film portrays the real-life hardships of Filipino families in today’s modern setting and how relationships are tested because of the situations they are in. Broken Blooms is directed by Louie Ignacio and produced by BenTria Productions.


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