By now, I can already consider myself ‘experienced’ in organizing bachelorette parties having arranged six of them for my friends since 2011. I’m surprised how innovative and unwavering I still am after all these years (insert sarcastic laugh).

Organizing a hen night is always fun but you also have to take into consideration a lot of factors in the party: the personality of the bride, the mix of guests, your budget, and the venue.


Back in 2011, I hired a Singaporean male stripper to go sexy ‘all-the-way’ (venue: Conrad Hotel Singapore)

bachelorette party in conrad singapore with male singaporean stripper

2012’s bride-to-be brief was to go chill-and-dainty (venue: The Sultan’s rooftop bar)

rooftop bachelorette party in sultan hotel singapore

In 2013, our bride-to-be didn’t want any big surprises, hence I opted for a simple reunion dinner (venue: Spizza, Club Street)

dinner spizza singapore bachelorette party

Come 2014, I thought it’ll be a great idea to bring some of our DIY-magic to good use with a picnic-brunch (venue: Botanical Gardens)

bachelorette party at botanical gardens singapore

That same year, with just six friends, we decided to take a short flight out of Singapore and spend the night drinking and dancing in Kuala Lumpur:
bachelorette night clubbing in kuala lumpur


Fast forward to 2016, exactly two days before Sarah’s wedding day in Boracay, I’ve arranged our own bachelorette-party version of ‘pub crawling’ in the island by adding 15 sexy dares and consequences that we all needed to complete by the end of the night.

OUR MISSION: Complete the checklist of 15 dares. If we fail to complete the mission, everyone will need to get a henna tattoo on their necks. PLUS: The bride-to-be needs to be thrown into one of the hotel pools.

The bride-to-be needs to do 5 out of the 15 dares. A friend who just completed a dare can’t be tasked to do another one until everyone finishes one round of dares. Everyone only gets (1) SAVE each, i.e. you can excuse yourself from one of the dares.

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pub crawl bridal shower in boracay


At the meeting point: Tequila shots for everyone.

tequila shot pub crawl boracay bridal shower

tequila shot pub crawl boracay bridal shower 2

DARE #1: Eat Balut (9-day old chick)

DARE #2: Order a drink at the bar using a foreigner’s accent

DARE #3: Buy an ugly guy a drink

DARE #4: Take a selfie with a random cute guy and upload the photo on Facebook with the caption “Ang ganda ko #SarahsBachelorette2016”

DARE #5: Go to the DJ and ask to play Beyonce’s Single Ladies

DARE #6: Get a random guy to serenade the bride-to-be

DARE #7: Ask for a random cute guy’s number

DARE #8: Drink 3 shots in a row

DARE #9: Twerk at the beach for 2 minutes

DARE #10: Dance at the center of the bar alone

DARE #11: Get a guy to kiss you on the cheeks

DARE #12: Ask someone to give you a little spank

DARE #13: Buy a cute guy a drink

DARE #14: Call the first guy on your phone contact list and tell him you have a secret crush on him

DARE #15: Ask a stranger to help complete one of the tasks in the list


pub crawl boracay

eating balut in boracay
Eating Balut
pub crawling station 1 boracay
While waiting for the pub to play Beyonce’s Single Ladies
serenade bachelorette party in boracay
Asking this guy to serenade the bride-to-be
3 shots in boracay guitar station 1
3 shots
pub crawl dare boracay
Random guy’s mobile number
italian guy in boracay pub crawl
Buy a cute guy a drink
european in boracay
Selfie with a cute guy

tequila shots in boracay pub crawling

summer place pub crawl in station 2 boracay
Twerking at the club


Success Rate: 15 out of the 15 dares. Yay!


PLUS: Spending five days in Boracay helped me tick off one of my 2016 personal goals (Go Clubbing Again, at least once (or twice). And just dance, dance like nobody’s watching.). Another yay!


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