Wondering what life is like outside surfing for sports enthusiast/model Filipino-Australian Luke Landrigan? The best way to find out is to check his Instagram account (@lukelandrigan) which has over 20,000 followers (composed mostly of surfing aficionados and those who would like to wanderlust at the same time inspired by his daily beach-sun-and-sand posts). Seriously, he probably has one of the most inspiring and ogle-worthy IG accounts I’ve been following since Day 1 (you guys should check it out too!).

Known in mainstream media as one of the gorgeous Cosmo Bachelors back in 2012 and as a print/TV ad model for various popular brands, Luke never seems to stop chasing after his big dreams. Aside from being an award-winning professional surfer both in the Philippines and abroad, he also runs the San Juan Surf School in La Union to teach anyone the ins and outs of surfing.

We recently interviewed via email Luke while he was on a holiday trip in Hawaii. Check out the 12 Random Facts we learned about him…

1. Who is your greatest life mentor/coach outside surfing and what’s the best thing he/she has taught you?

I’d say I learn a lot from older people I hangout with like my dad and his friends. My friends Corey, Paul and Mike are cool peeps to talk to about anything too. So I basically just try and listen to them because they have more experiences than me.

2. What’s the best thing about being “Luke Landrigan”?

Having my son, Kai. Having friends all over the Philippines and even outside the Country. (His thoughts about having friends in foreign lands): It’s so cool because I’ll just post a photo on Instagram about my trip to Hawaii and there will be people messaging me to stay with them and stuff. For me that’s so rad.

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3. Name three of your local celebrity crushes?

KC Concepcion. Michelle Madrigal. Jessy Mendiola.

4. Who would you trade places with for at least a day and why?

Timothy Bradley so I can say, “I want to fight with Pacquiao.”

5. What do you love doing during your downtime (outside surfing)?

Riding my dirt bike.

6. If you are not a professional surfer today, what would you probably be?

A pirate.

7. What are you most afraid of in this world and why?

People who talk behind other people’s back.

8. What do you want your son to be when he grows up?

Would love for him to be an athlete. But what ever he wants to be, I’ll be there to support him.

9. What’s the greatest part of your body?

People always say my hair is nice or my nose.

10. What’s your typical diet and workout like?

Diet – no dairy, sugar or wheat. Well I try, haha. Workout: I do core strengthening for my lower back injury.

11. What’s the last thing you usually do before you hit the sack?


12. What’s the greatest lesson the beach/the sea has taught you?

Never ever underestimate mother nature.

 All photos used are from Luke Landrigan’s Instagram account (@lukelandrigan).


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