When the lights were turned on at the cinema after the premiere screening of the film, I saw fellow guests wiping tears and some with red, tear-streaked faces from all the crying. Rewind is undoubtedly a relevant and heartwarming movie, beautifully done from start to finish. Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar and penned by Enrico Santos, this film starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is a beautiful exploration of time, love, and the profound impact of life’s choices.

Plot and Theme: “Rewind” revolves around the central theme of time as an irretrievable resource. It serves as a heartfelt reminder to cherish the moments that truly matter, emphasizing the importance of family and the consequences of a life consumed by work. The film adeptly weaves these themes into the narrative, making it a relatable and timely piece, especially during the Christmas season.

Acting Performances: The casting choices in “Rewind” prove to be stellar, with each actor leaving a mark on the storytelling. Jordan Lim, a newcomer, shines as the son of Dingdong and Marian’s characters, bringing charm and raw talent to the screen. The real-life chemistry between Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera elevates the film, portraying a highly driven husband and a devoted stay-at-home wife. Dantes delivers a standout performance, showcasing consistency and a wide range of emotions that feel authentic and relatable. Marian Rivera also impresses, particularly in a memorable car scene that highlights her skillful reactionary acting.

Symbolism and Attention to Detail: One of the film’s strengths lies in its meticulous attention to detail. Even the smallest elements, like a stack of papers slowly covering a family picture, carry symbolic weight. This visual metaphor subtly conveys how work can overshadow family life, adding depth to the storytelling and encouraging viewers to reflect on their own priorities. This film is a subtle yet strong reminder of the true reason to celebrate the Christmas season and every single day of our lives.

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Cinematography and Editing: The cinematography in “Rewind” maintains a consistent and reflective mood throughout. Despite incorporating elements of fantasy, the editing is seamless, and transitions are executed with precision, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The film’s ability to balance these elements without distracting from the narrative is commendable.

Supporting Cast: The supporting cast in “Rewind” makes significant contributions, enriching the narrative with their performances. Notable mentions include Pamu as the assistant, Joross as a colleague, Ariel Ureta as Ninong and boss, Sue Ramirez as a work rival, and Pepe Herrera as the endearing “Lods.” Each actor effectively complements the lead characters, adding layers to the story.

“Rewind” is a must-watch film, especially during the holiday season. Its poignant exploration of time, coupled with strong performances, thoughtful symbolism, and meticulous filmmaking, make it a standout entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder to audiences to appreciate the present, cherish their loved ones, and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

REWIND, now showing in cinemas nationwide, offers viewers a chance to PAUSE, review the present, and recharge to live a better life moving FORWARD.

This is an emotional journey that transcends time and resonates long even after the credits roll. ♥


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