We are Red Dot Juanderers. And this is our Singapore story.

Thirty-three-year-old registered nurse, Laurence Olivier, was once an inhibited and timid lad who discovered a big confidence boost when he slowly focused on achieving personal health and wellness. In less than a year, he transitioned from just an average Joe to a fitness model who has graced a couple of male pageants/competitions in Singapore. These include Fitness 360 and Manhunt Singapore 2018 (open category for foreigners) where he finished with the Mr. Phytogenic award and as part of the Top 5.

What Was The Main Reason Why You Wanted To Become Fit?

I wanted a new challenge in my life as I’m not getting any younger. I’ve always dreamt of appearing in magazines and I’ve never thought I will also eventually appear in such.

What Were Your Main Challenges In Joining Manhunt Singapore?

I was the shortest in our batch and I felt that all the other finalists were very strong competitors. I tried giving a good performance during the finals night and I also consistently tried showing the organizers that I was punctual and had a good working attitude.

How Would You Describe Your “Old Self”?

In the past, I felt negative about myself. I always thought people are not interested in me and in knowing me.

…And Your “New Self”?

I am very fulfilled with myself now. It feels good that I’ve worked hard for all the achievements I have attained. People always ask why I need to regularly work out even if it’s too early in the morning or if it’s late at night, but I’m happy if I regularly exercise and I’m enjoying it.

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Describe Your Ideal Date

It’s always about personal connections. I want someone who can make me smile.

Food Cravings You Can’t Let Go

Cheesecakes and cupcakes! Even during the Manhunt competition, I would still eat these.

Favorite Workout Routine

I love back exercises as they also target and help my core.

If You’re On A Strict Diet, What’s Your Typical Food Like?

Grilled chicken breasts, sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, and 10 egg whites a day.

What Do You Love About Singapore?

The convenience of everything, especially the transport system.

What Do You Miss About Home?

My family, friends, and the convenience of driving your own car.

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

Miss Universe Singapore 2017 Manuela Bruntraeger.

What Is The Greatest Misconception About You?

People think I’m a person with a negative mindset. However, I have been open to changes and challenges, hence, I don’t consider myself as one. Nowadays, I try to become more inspirational to others by showing them my support and encouragement in whatever circumstances I am in.


We are constantly on the lookout for inspiring, aspirational, and relatable stories from our fellow Juans living and working in the Little Red Dot. If you know any Filipino in Singapore that should be our next Red Dot Juanderer, email us at // Interviews and photos by Paolo Avis; Assisted by Jaypee Quitco.


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