Today marks Maine Mendoza‘s fifth month in showbiz. She is 1/2 of what is probably the biggest loveteam today on Philippine television – ALDUB. During those past five months, we witnessed major milestones on Philippine TV.

On July 4, 2015, Maine was introduced as a snotty nanny Divina Ursula Bukbokova Smash a.k.a. Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga‘s Juan for All, All for Juan: Problem Solving segment. She first rose to fame via the mobile dubbing application, Dubsmash, that led to her being discovered by the country’s longest running noontime show. Two weeks after her launch, an accidental pairing with actor-host Alden Richards was born when her genuine giddy reaction was caught on-cam the moment Alden’s face appeared on the other side of a split screen shot. Since then, the portmanteau ALDUB for their love team has been the daily buzzword online, always topping the trending lists.

Many have attempted to explain the huge social phenomenon that is ALDUB. As film director-professor Jose Javier Reyes mentioned in an interview, he discussed the craze in his class and they called it spontaneous combustion. It just happened. And it happened BIG TIME. It is highly possible that even the the two celebrities involved have yet to fully absorb the turn of events in their careers and lives.

The fact that the bigness of the AlDub pairing happened in less than half a year is proof enough it is extraordinary. In our personal attempt to analyze it as well, we observed the other signs they are a cut above the rest. Featured images courtesy of My Bebe Love promotional photos and Eat Bulaga

  • Unlike most love teams who were “packaged” and “marketed” to be onscreen pairs via television shows and numerous press releases, viewers turned Alden and Maine into ALDUB.  As media consumers, we all know how the love team thing in this country works. Most of the time, budding actors and actresses are put together in a TV show to test their chemistry. What happened with AlDub is different. As shared in many interviews, Alden’s appearance in the split screen was a just an attempt to distract Yaya Dub from being her usual snobbish self. It was successful – Maine let out a raw reaction that appealed to and generated interest from viewers. The viewers themselves, especially the netizens responsible for the endless tweets and social media responses, crafted the love team. The show just had to catch up and give them what they want – the segment was transformed into Kalyeserye (street series) which features the developing love story.

  • With this love team, REALITY is BLURRED. The line, “Aktingan lang ‘to, uy!” (“This is just acting!”) delivered a la the late comedian Babalu’s style has been a running joke among the Kalyeserye stars because spectators (and maybe even the main stars themselves) can sometimes no longer distinguish what’s real from playing pretend. The term MaiDen putting together Yaya Dub’s real name and Alden’s has been coined in support of their possible real-life romance. Since the two main characters have never personally met prior to their first split screen encounter, viewers have had the privilege of being witnesses to their many firsts – meeting in the flesh, date, and other milestones.
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  • ALDUB cuts across all markets. Compared to many love teams whose fan base lies in the teenage and early 20s bracket, the AlDub bug has bitten fans of all ages and social class standings. Even celebrities and politicians have openly expressed their being AlDub fans.

Hi mga “inaanak “Para sa mga hindi pa ipinanganak nung 1993, this was when I became a Star News Anchor For TvPatrol. I have interviewed many actors & actressses Also for my other shows, Showbiz Lingo,ETC & Cinema News1 Sanay din ako mag ambush interview, yung hindi mo ino-orient ang subject mo, para mahuli mo ang tunay na saloobin. Naka experience na ako ng mga genuinely warm celebs na nasa showbiz pero hindi “showbiz” , and naexperience ko rin ang mga jaded kind. What then, is my assessment of my first #AlDub encounter ? Hindi sila jaded. Very down to earth silang dalawa. Very accommodating. Maine was shy to me at first. But very respectful, saying ” hi po “. She thanked me immediately for the gifts I sent to her before (Minnie Mouse blouse & mitten ) She remembered the gifts. U r welcome Maine! I broke the ice when I did the Knock Knock! pero feel ko ang kaba nya ksi hindi sya na-orient! Haha! She’s very softspoken-kaya di mo aakalain na siya mismo ang nasa famous dubsmash vids nya where she takes on different characters. Di mo ie-expect na Maine is the same girl who is extremely hilarious when she mugs & contorts her face in all possible ways. Yung bang walang paki kahit mawa-poise siya kasi her roles call for it. Fantastic, Baby! In person, mahiyain si Maine, you have to coax her out of her shell. That’s why I say, hindi sya “showbiz” . She will not jump into you right away. Her eyes observe keenly, making her cautious. And upclose, oh , those huge expressive eyes draw you in, and her luscious lips! ? Maine has a slim fragile frame. But don’t let her small frame fool you – because you will see how larger than life she becomes when she transforms into those roles on dubsmash. Amazing talent! Beautiful Meng ! Hard to believe that she had bouts of insecurities prior to being famous. Maine is here to stay. In only 3 months they became a global phenomenon. Our beloved Aldub is now celebrating their 5th monthsary . Wit, Talent, Beauty & the XFactor. If she plays her cards right, if she won’t let the showbiz system change her or destroy her inner core, she will go a long way. We are with you all the way Maine & RJ! #aldubyu #IGSerye #NinangDub A photo posted by Christine Babao ?? (@christinebbabao) on

Blogger and online influencer Cecile Van Straten had the opportunity of inviting Alden over to her house, much to the delight of her househelpers! Heartwarming story’s in her blog Chuvaness

  • Overwhelming media exposure and support from fans: successful mall shows + TV shows + endorsements + charity concert at the world’s biggest indoor arena + magazine covers + an upcoming film (Media agencies adjust to the love team’s setup. When Alden and Maine haven’t personally met yet, shoots had to be scheduled in such a way  their paths won’t cross! Superb video and photo editing skills were needed to come up with their initial TVCs and magazine covers just to put them together in a frame.)

NOTE: This is the first time I’ve seen fans fussing and getting excited over a TVC shoot or billboard setup. These preparations which often remain unnoticed create buzz in the AlDub world. TVC shoots and upcoming endorsements make it to trending topics on social media.


  Gusto ko nang ganito sa isang bilihan! Hahaha #wish #aldubmagazines   A photo posted by BO$$ JOHN (@boss_john_2.0) on

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            • AlDub received recognitions/awards, broke local and world records, and even got international media attention in no time. Thanks to the indescribable support of their fans, collectively known as AlDub Nation, the love team now holds a Twitter world record and has been featured by foreign media outfits.

 Catholic Mass Media Awards

Twitter World Record

Ticket Sales Record

International Celebrities 

Australian news feature


  A photo posted by Joh (@johrosas25) on


    • Alden’s and Maine’s family members have gained their own following now. This doesn’t always happen especially to stars like Alden and Maine who do not have showbiz lineage. Their fans are so into their lives that even their families are now famous. The parents and siblings have monickers like Daddy Bae (Alden’s dad), Tatay and Nanay Dub (Maine’s parents), and Ate Dub and Kuya Dub for the siblings. Oh, even Maine’s brother-in-law is tagged by fans as BAEyaw! How about that? Haha. Fans hold get-togethers with them!




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