TONIGHT, the Top 16 remaining clashers will face a new challenge as the third round of the competition begins. 

Before the battle starts, Clash Masters Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz will perform an exciting duet together with Journey Hosts Ken Chan and Rita Daniela

This weekend, the show will start its Round 3, dubbed as “Pares Kontra Pares.”  In this round, the Clashers will be performing duet songs in pairs. Two pairs will battle it out in each episode. The losing pair will have to compete against each other on an elimination clash called “Matira Matibay.” 

Who will win between a pair of biriteras  and power vocalists? Every week, the competition grows more intense and the job of the Clash Panel Lani Misalucha, AiAi Delas Alas, and Christian Bautista becomes even more challenging. 

Do not miss the kickoff of The Clash Duets Round this Saturday on GMA. Network, 7:00pm-8:00pm, after Pepito Manaloto.

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