Following the success of the 120,000-strong Summer Blast 2023 crowd attendance, the Philippine Arena will host the two-day massive concert of Filipino-American singer Bruno Mars.

Originally announced for June 24, organizers added another date, June 25, due to ‘overwhelming demand’ from the multiple Grammy winner’s fans.

Born in Hawaii to a Puerto Rican father and Filipina mother, Bruno Mars has expressed his love for his Filipino roots on several occasions. He even extended help to Pinoys before, such as when he donated $100,000 to Yolanda victims in 2014.

Mars has had a successful musical career with hits such as “Billionaire,” “Treasure,” “Leave the Door Open,” “When I Was Your Man,” and more. He’s been admired for his musical genius, on-stage performances, and his love for the fans.

Mars is one of the many international artists set to perform at the Philippine Arena this year.

The Philippine Arena has attracted huge international concerts due to its size and magnificence. Artists themselves enjoy the bigger, louder, and more energetic audience it brings.

The arena also serves as a barometer for an artist’s popularity. This was evident in the recent concerts of SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, and Harry Styles. Local media reported that SEVENTEEN was the first K-pop group to fill the Philippine Arena with fans. On the other hand, BLINKs or fans of BLACKPINK went full force for their two-night concert.

The concert experience is about to get better as organizers improve the current systems in place, such as traffic flow management and transportation.

A loud and fun show is expected for Bruno Mars’ two-day concert. His ‘kababayans’ will surely bring the energy and excitement for a memorable show.

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