Netizens continue to be enthralled by Puregold Channel’s Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, as the digital series takes viewers on a journey of kilig and explores the complexities of modern relationships—both online and offline.

With all the excitement and sense of anticipation generated by Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, one can’t help but wonder which character is the most date-worthy among them all. Who makes your heart skip a beat? Whose smile lights up your day, or whose wit and sense of humor keep you entertained for hours on end?

Are you ready to find out who deserves your ‘swipe right’—as online daters would say? Let’s indulge in delightful speculation and rank the characters from least datable to most date-worthy.

  1. Bessie (Marissa Sanchez)

Bryce’s mother, bless her heart, means well but can be a bit overbearing. While her intentions spring forth from love, her nature doesn’t exactly scream “ultimate date material.”

Sorry, Bessie, but we’re “swiping left” on this one.

  1. Chili Anne (Moi Marcampo)

Chili Anne, Bessie’s current pick for Bryce, has a huge crush on him. She’s sweet but clingy and invades personal space, so those who prefer fun and light dates may want to pass.

  1. Jerry (Anjo Resurreccion)

Although Jerry has yet to appear in the show, fans know he has eye-candy looks. Sounds promising, but it’s better to push the pause button until you get to know him better.

  1. Yaya Aimee (Star Orjaliza)

Yaya Aimee may seem shy and reserved, but don’t be misled—she is extremely fond of Bryce. Will her sweet and caring nature score high in the dating game? Yaya Aimee certainly has our attention.

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  1. Cyrus (TJ Valderrama)

Cyrus would do anything for his sister Angge. His nurturing heart, along with his wit and humor, makes him a ‘keeper’. He is absolutely date-worthy, so keep him on your radar.

  1. and 3. Genski (Kat Galang) and Ketch (Migs Almendras)

Taking the 3rd and 4th spots are Bryce’s loyal buddies, Genski and Ketch. Having friends who stick around no matter what is definitely a plus in our book. Consider them highly covetable.

  1. Bryce (Wilbert Ross)

Ah, Bryce, the man himself. With his good looks and kind-hearted nature, he’s a catch and a keeper. Sure, he may be shy around women, but he can be utterly charming. Bryce, consider us intrigued.

  1. Angge (Yukii Takahashi)

Finally, the top spot goes to Angge, Bryce’s virtual wingwoman—and potential romantic interest. Angge’s mobility may be impaired by an ailment, but her intelligence and wit put her way ahead in the game.

In Episode 4 of the series, Bryce catches a glimpse of this side of Angge through their chatty and kilig exchanges online. However, Angge sticks to her resolve to stay out of sight as she continues to recover from her brain infection.

Episode 5, however, takes viewers on more twists and turns in the story. While in the hospital, Bryce meets Cyrus, Angge’s brother, and gets to bond with him. Bryce and Angge enjoy each other’s company even more, albeit online. Bessie and Chili Anne are determined to get Bryce to do what they want.


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