Actor, director, and Good Will lead star David Chua is showing off his fit body this summer! He recently took a break from his busy schedule in the entertainment industry and went to nearby waters for a tastefully daring pictorial taken by ace photographer and renowned filmmaker David Fabros, who is also an event leader and talent development specialist. In various states of undress, David flaunts his lean, muscular physique that is the product of arduous training, self-discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.

Despite not looking like a hardcore bodybuilder, David admits to having pumped serious iron in the past. He is proud of his fitness journey and generously shares his learnings with friends and aspiring fitness enthusiasts. He admits, “Believe it or not, I looked chunky as a kid. I was teased and bullied in school, and it was only during my second year in high school that I started trimming down.”

David reveals that he was born an endomorph, meaning that his body type was predisposed to having more fat, which made it harder for him to build muscle. But with the help of some people and his own research, he found a formula that worked for him. He shares, “I realized that the better way to get lean and ripped is to concentrate more on core exercises, cardio workouts, and high-rep weight training exercises. Believe me, it took me years of trial and error to achieve this. And it’s not just about exercise, but more about striking a balance in what I call my ‘fitness triangle,’ which aims to balance exercise, diet, and rest.”

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On a typical working week, David mixes up his high-rep weight training with cardio-intensive workouts such as running, boxing, swimming, and biking, but he makes sure to do his ab workout every time. As a food lover, David admits to being more lenient with his food intake. He used to be strict with his diet when he was into bodybuilding and used to gorge on “walang lasa” foods. But he realized that that wasn’t for him. He says, “Thankfully, my body type adapts well regardless of what I eat, but fish remains my favorite, especially pampano. But I also do intermittent fasting.”

Although David is curious about the wonders of a vegan diet, he realizes its limitations. He supports the cause, but it’s hard to be picky with food, especially when constantly traveling. He says, “Sometimes I do it for a week, but I think I can manage the pescatarian diet better.”

When it comes to his celebrity fitness peg, David admires Tom Cruise’s lean but muscular consistency over the years. He says, “It’s amazing how Tom Cruise, even in his fifties, looks pretty much the same. He’s not THAT big, and yet, when he takes his shirt off, you can see that he’s still pretty ripped, and I want to aim for that.”

David is proud of his recent fitness-related achievements, such as earning his license for PADI diving. He wants to do more scuba diving and explore underwater more. It’s no surprise that he names Palawan as his go-to summer getaway. He declares, “Palawan is paradise. I have so many great memories of the place, plus the underwater attractions, the sea turtles, the sunken ship, there’s just so much to explore when you go diving there.”

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Some of his faithful Instagram followers, who are used to seeing him in his long K-pop style hair, have noticed that he cut his locks. It could be due to the scorching summer heat. He admitted, “I’ve always loved having long hair, but some well-meaning friends advised me to cut it because they said I look older with long hair. And because of ‘Good Will,’ my ongoing TV show, I have to look like a good boy and exude a youthful vibe.”

Regarding “Good Will,” what can we expect from the NET25 comedy series, which is preparing for its second season at the end of the month?

He is excited and says, “There will be many new characters, big names, and superstars doing guest or cameo roles. We will also highlight the “Good Will” cast individually. Viewers will get to know more about their backstories, like Devon, Kat, Raymond. With the help of our new batch of writers, we are more confident that we will offer more to our regular viewers and followers.”


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