It’s been a while since I last cooked some real food at home. Moving in to our new flat during the Chinese New Year holiday was the perfect excuse for me to devirginize our kitchen by cooking some good ‘ol pasta for my friends. We ran to Cold Storage this morning to find ingredients for my pesto, and look what I found – Jamie Oliver’s Pesto Pasta Sauce; a gold mine (well at least for me) in the supermarket.

Jamie Oliver's Pesto Pasta Sauce

Jamie Oliver's Pesto Sauce in a jar

Priced at SG$6.90 for 190g, it was expensive for a tiny bottle of italian herb pesto. But it looked cute, plus it had Jamie’s face and name plastered in the jar’s cover. It further bears “honest ingredients, lovely food” on the top too, so I was easily sold with the idea that my pasta might taste better than usual.

There were no instructions how to cook it – should I just pour it over my boiled noodles or should I heat it first in a pan and add salt, pepper and cheese? Logically, I did the latter.Seems like rosemary is one of the secret key ingredients in the sauce. The final product tasted great – rich, savory and full of flavor.

Jamie Oliver's Pasta Sauces

Pesto Pasta inspired by Jamie Oliver's Recipe

Final product – Pesto Pasta a la Jamie Oliver


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