99-year-old statesman Juan Ponce Enrile is all game about the dinosaur memes online about how long he has lived on earth. It means he is famous. And it’s true! You can imagine what a century-old politician, lawyer, and businessman has to say about every topic you throw at him: How has he lived this long and stayed as sharp as he still is? What did he tell his classmates when they called him “bastardo”? Is Philippine politics today better than before? Is this country moving forward?

He worked as a yaya. A fisherman. A farmer. A salesman. A construction worker. Was tortured by the Japanese. Escaped. Lawyered. Worked with 6 Philippine Presidents. What worries him about the country and the next generation? He is worried. Did he meet Adam and Eve? The entire interview room laughed.

An hour wasn’t enough —-but there’s a Part 2! Watch the exclusive interview with THE JPE soon Korina Sanchez Roxas’ YouTube Channel called Rated Korina:

This early people are waiting to hear from birthday boy Manong Johnny Enrile. Meantime, you can watch some of the best of interviews by Korina:

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