Love her or hate her — Makeup artist, fashion expert and TV show host Jeannie Mai will forever amuse us with her witty (and sometimes repetitive) commentary as a special correspondent during Miss Universe pageant nights.

She has been doing these for years and viewers can’t help but notice the quick-witted chatters and the funny patterns in her spiels. Our personal favorite is her remark on yellow-colored evening dresses.

“Oh my gosh. I love this gown. Yellow is the color of Joy and Celebration!”

Check out the meme made by fans below circulating on social media:

"Yellow is the color of joy" - Jeannie Mai

“Yellow is the color of joy” – Jeannie Mai

Miss Philippines Universe Ariella “Ara” Arida who competed in 2013 also received the same feedback for her gown. Watch the Youtube video below:

Meanwhile, here’s what Ara posted on her Instagram account 2 days ago:

Ara Arida's Instagram Account with Jeannie Mai

Here’s Jeannie’s commentary at the Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown Competition. Plus! Get to see Nick Jonas perform.

Want to watch the full Miss Universe 2015 Coronation Night, play the video below:

Dear Miss Universe organizers, please retain her in your future shows. She’s a ball of energy during the competitions. Can’t wait for her evening gown commentary in next year’s pageant!

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