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I entered the cinema without any expectation from Sol Searching and came out encouraging others to see it. I was hooked from start to finish! How I laughed, giggled, and cried at different points in the film is proof of the film’s impact and how it took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Lead stars Pokwang and JM Salvdao threw lines that cracked me up but at the same time led me to meaningful reflections and realizations about life.

What’s truly impressive is how the film managed to entertain and educate and still stay true to the festival’s advocacy – promote agriculture and cultivate a better appreciation for farming and its relevance in our lives. Aside from farmers, our everyday heroes in teachers were also given honor.

While it’s tempting to share quotable quotes from the dark comedy movie, I’ll let others keep their viewing experiences fresh.

It’s important to note that Pokwang’s, Gilleth’s and JM’s characters stood out from the entire film. Their portrayals successfully gave me joy, tugged at my heartstrings, and sparked inspiration.


Sol Searching revolves around strict grade school teacher Sol Dolores (Gilleth Sandico), the only person in the community who has the guts and patience to educate the farmers. Living in a province whose only source of livelihood is farming, Sol saw what others had left as is—that their village’s farmers lack the knowledge and funds to produce enough crops for a living.

When Sol dies, her husband Djanggo Dolores (Joey Marquez) does not have enough funds to have her buried. It reached a point where her coffin had to be brought by Lorelei Baloloy (Pokwang) and Bugoy (JM Salvado) to various places so they could get enough funds or finally find someone who can help bury her. 

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SOL Searching is one of the official entries to this year’s TOFarm Film Festival.

Starring Pokwang, Joey Marquez, Gilleth Sandico, JM Salvado together with Raffy Tejada, Raul Morit, Lotlot Bustamante, Mayen Esther, Kenken Nuyad and Troy Aquiono with the special participation of Paolo Rodriguez, Francis Magundayao, Lee O’Brian, Sue Prado, Jelson Bay, Skyxz Labastilla and Chokoleit. Directed by Roman Perez.

For the complete list of screening dates and venues, visit the official Facebook page.


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