In the modern era, music platforms have transitioned from physical formats to digital ones. This shift has granted listeners easier access to artists while providing artists with numerous opportunities and channels to share their music. As a result, digital platforms enhance the unifying potential of music like never before. In light of this transformation, artists aspire to quickly elevate their profiles and expand their audience reach. How do they achieve this? By going viral.

Experimental producer and songwriter Jefn

With this understanding in mind, Viral Records strives to assemble a community of Filipino musicians who possess a deep passion for music, a strong willingness to collaborate and dedicate themselves to their craft, and a profound narrative to convey through their music. These are the three fundamental attributes that Viral Records believes have the potential to propel an artist to widespread recognition.

“Of course, we won’t just stop there. We call ourselves Viral Records because we want to change the notion of what ‘viral’ is. Once our artist goes viral, it has to be continuous. Basically, they’ll be viral all the time,” shared Cons of Viral Records. Since going viral means reaching a large audience instantly, Viral Records wants its artists to be as prepared as possible when that happens.

Driven by the Filipino spirit of coming together and helping one another, Viral Records houses multiple creatives who work hand-in-hand to provide holistic training for their artists. “On top of helping our artists create their music and sound, we will also train them in personal branding, stage presence, navigating through social media, and much more,” said Patsy of Viral Records.

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Mirroring the Filipino spirit, the Filipino sound today is one that resonates with many. Viral Records’ artists represent more than just themselves – they carry stories from their childhood that inspire their music today, they share their personal experiences, draw inspiration from the people around them, and write about everyday feelings and thoughts. Collectively, their sound is a universal one that Filipino audiences will recognize and resonate with.

Viral Records is thrilled to finally introduce its roster of artists, which includes a four-member, student-led band called Top Notch, a five-member, province-hailing band called Noodlez, an experimental producer and songwriter named Jefn, and a jazzy, soulful singer and songwriter named Chandler, to name just a few.

Top Notch, one of Viral Records’ upcoming bands

Reflecting the label’s sentiment, our artists are also excited to release their music to the public. “We’re so excited to play our music live and hear the audience cheer. We can’t wait to meet our fellow artists and learn from industry experts. It’s definitely a dream come true, and our journey is finally starting,” shared Top Notch.

Joining the music industry in celebrating Filipino music and championing local artists, Viral Records is ready to take its seat at the table.

Watch out for the exclusive grand launch of Viral Records this coming October. Follow Viral Records on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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