MARKING a significant milestone in his illustrious career, JayR is set to embark on his 20 Up tour, celebrating 20 years of musical excellence.

The tour kicks off on September 16th at the Level 13 Event Center in Orlando, Florida, followed by performances in Falls Church, Virginia, and Orange, California.

Earlier in September, he returned to the Philippines for the first time since the pandemic began to do a show with Kyla. He expressed hope of going on tour with her someday as well. Of the show they did together, he said, “We have to show our audience how we will take this concert to the next level. We want to make the show fresh. Make it millennial, Gen-Z. I guess that’s the challenge we have to go through. Create new sounds for old songs. I’m excited for that. As long as it’s creativity, I’m there. We’re going to do it.”

He’s expected to adopt the same approach for the 20 Up tour, so fans can anticipate a real musical treat. JayR promises to perform the classics that defined his career, alongside fresh tracks that showcase his evolution from the Prince to the King of R&B. “Fans can expect to be on their feet and dancing by the end of the night,” he adds.

One of the highlights of the tour will be JayR’s performance of his latest single, “Blessed,” which was released on September 1, 2023. The song has already gained traction on social media, especially among the TikTok crowd—in fact, a dance challenge choreographed by JayR and his equally talented wife of almost four years, actress and dancer Mica Javier, is currently making waves on the app.

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“Blessed” is the carrier single of JayR’s upcoming 20- anniversary album, Timeless. While the album currently boasts nine tracks, JayR hints at the possibility of more songs being added to a future edition of the album. He worked with Andrew Briol, Zev Troxler, Polun, and Adamjosh of Velvetree Productions to pen the song. The album is set to be released under his own label, Homeworkz Music.

Reflecting on his journey, JayR shares, “It almost feels like a dream, like I went through a time warp. Two decades went by so fast. I guess when you enjoy what you do, time just flows. I’m proud that after twenty years, I’m still here putting out new music and producing concerts. Going at one hundred miles an hour.”

For tickets and more information on the 20 Up tour, fans are encouraged to visit under the Tour Dates section.


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