Discovering wonderful destinations to visit is not at all times that expensive; you can always travel to various astonishing places without having to pull out a big ticket. All it really takes is for you to have good research skills to discover underrated (and affordable) vacation spots.

Located in the west part of the Philippine archipelago is the island of Coron in Palawan. If you’re planning a tropical holiday that you’ll enjoy, here is a list of the top-notch, must-visit places in Coron.

kayangan lake

  1. Kayangan Lake


Considered as one of Coron’s primary attractions, Kayangan Lake is the embodiment of nature’s pure exquisiteness. It is a hidden paradise nestled between towering mountains. Reaching Kayangan might be a challenge for some as it requires a few minutes of trekking uphill. But despite that, seeing the actual lake sitting on top is all worth it.

Mt tapyas

  1. Tapyas


A destination for the bold and the daring, Mt. Tapyas is one great peak to conquer. Over 700 concrete steps lead you to the pinnacle where you’ll see the most amazing aerial view of Coron town proper. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful mountain scenery makes the journey to the top a little less exhausting.

Just when you thought you’re already getting the best view, wait until you experience the beautiful sunset at the peak.

Mt Maquinit Hot Springs

  1. Maquinit Hot Spring


Maquinit Spring is definitely a relaxing treat after a day of journeying on foot. For a soothing experience in a natural outdoor jacuzzi, Maquinit Spring is the perfect place for you.

Located in the outskirts of Coron, this natural wonder offers a spectacular ocean view. After venturing on a hiking trip at Mt. Tapyas, Mt. Maquinit Spring will be the ideal place of solace for your aching body.

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Malcapuya Island

  1. Malcapuya Island


Malcapuya Island is one of Coron’s unspoiled beaches. This island offers an incomparable serenity for a holiday escape. Blessed with a long stretch of fine white sand, azure waters and a stretch of palm trees, Malcapuya Island is an ideal spot for a day of relaxation by the beach. The ambiance also makes it a perfect location for some scrumptious island feast with the family.

Skeleton Wreck Dive

  1. Skeleton Wreck Dive


No Coron holiday is complete without experiencing its clear waters; the best way to have a water adventure is to explore the fascinating underwater skeleton wreck.

Going for this underwater exploration is like stepping into history while discovering interesting exhibitions of sunken ships. The extraordinary clear waters make snorkeling adventures easier. The place is rich with coral gardens where vibrant marine invertebrates and colorful schools of fish can be seen.

Twin Lagoons

  1. Twin Lagoons


The Twin Lagoons of Coron are basically two bodies of water separated by limestone karsts. The cooling, turquoise-colored water of the lagoon makes it an ideal place for relaxing and sightseeing. It is also a great spot to do some snorkeling and other swimming activities.

Calauit Safari Park

  1. Calauit Safari Park


Dubbed “the African Safari in the island of Coron,” Calauit Safari Park is a wildlife reserve and sanctuary that serves as a home to various species including those endemic to Palawan. Giraffes, zebras, Calamian deer, monkeys, freshwater crocodiles and bear cats are just a few of the many wildlife creatures present here.

Concepcion Falls

  1. Concepcion Falls


Coron is not only an abode for remarkable beaches and lagoons; it is also the place where you can find breathtaking waterfalls.

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Concepcion Falls is one of those secret natural wonders of Coron. Similar to the other places of interest in Coron, heading to Concepcion Falls calls for a bit of a long walk. The small waterfall provides a backdrop for anyone seeking a remote and placid corner.

Off Road Journeys

  1. Off-Road Journeys


Coron not only lets you experience the beauty of its waters, it will also hand you the opportunity to explore its rich terrain.

Off-road traveling in the island provides the best venue to unravel its beauty while on-ground. These on-the-road tours allow you to see a multitude of awe-inspiring landscapes and uncover stunning island spots.

Blue Lagoon

  1. Travel to the Top


Coron is also enveloped with astounding marble formations. Since there are plenty of these limestone karsts in the region, people love journeying to the summits to get the best island views. These cliff shots accord you with aerial sights that will surely leave you dumbfounded.

Story contributed by Carmela Alvarez of Let’s Palawan



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