Last Sunday, right after Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 The Big Night, we had the chance to meet The Big Four in a mini press conference at the Alonte Sports Arena. It was a delight to meet the winning bunch that shows so much potential for showbiz.

The Lucky Big Four:

PBB Lucky 4th Big Placer – Edward Barber

PBB Lucky 3rd Big Placer – Yong Muhajil

PBB Lucky 2nd Big Placer – Kisses Delavin

PBB Lucky Big Winner – Maymay Entrata

Here are random behind-the-scene photo. Other photos are posted in an album in our official Facebook page. Check out the link below:

PBB Lucky 2nd Big Placer Kisses Delavin. She was every inch a beauty queen, always so poised.
KissWard. Some fans ship this teamup between Kisses Delavin and PBB Lucky 4th Big Placer Edward Barber.
Kisses is even prettier and thinner in person. 🙂

Animated and bubbly. PBB Lucky Big Winner Maymay Entrata.

PBB Lucky 3rd Big Placer Yong Muhajil

MayWard. Maymay and Edward. Edward was obviously entertained by Maymay’s antics during the interview.

The Big Four with the PBB execs
With the teens’ Mama Bear.
No matter how often they are pitted against each other, Maymay and Kisses are still very close.

YongKiss. Kisses and Yong.

Edward imitated both Kisses and Maymay at different times during the presscon.

MORE PHOTOS are in our Facebook album. Don’t forget to like our page. 🙂

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Video: In the Mood for Contrasts


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