Aside from the pressure to look good for an audience, there’s an unspoken expectation from celebrities to have fashion pieces that match their profiles. Celebrity status is automatically equated to luxury and high fashion. If we think about it, some designer brands are saving a large sum of advertising money in the process. Target markets are effortlessly reached through famous clients. Some of these celebs are observed to have incorporated specific brands into their lifestyles further strengthening brand associations. When this happens, even an ordinary-looking bag or a pair of shoes suddenly becomes aspirational.
Think Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. There’s no denying their brand use has largely contributed to the sales of Manolo Blahniks and Hermes Birkins all over the world. Another brand that seems to be a celebrity staple both in the local and international scenes is what we know as Louboutin or Louboutins.
To acquaint ourselves with the brand, here’s a list of random stuff about the famed celebrity “sole mate”:
  • Christian Louboutin is a 49-year old French designer who has become a celebrity himself. He has popularized stylish heels with the signature red soles.
  • A local actress recently corrected herself on live TV after a flood of tweets came out criticizing her mispronunciation of the French brand name. The correct pronunciation for Christian Louboutin is KRIS-TEE-AHN LOO-BOO-TAHN.
  • Being a French brand, Louboutin’s flagship store is in Paris, France.
  • Louboutin is known for its signature red soles. Unknown to many, the designer brand is currently facing a legal battle with Yves Saint Laurent.  Louboutin filed a trademark  infringement of the red soles against YSL.
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  • Christian Louboutin acknowledges the contribution of his royal client Princess Caroline of Monaco to a boost in his shoe sales. He has been quoted to have shared in his book that the princess was a customer in his Paris shop in 1991. When a journalist who was then writing about new shops spotted Princess Caroline, an article spawned a larger clientele for Louboutin.
Princess Caroline of Monaco 
  • Aside from music icons Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker has also been associated to the classy footwear. In her popular stint as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s Sex and the City, she had strong attachments to three major shoe brands: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin.
Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City 2
  • Gossip Girl star Blake Lively seems to have found a BFF in designer Christian Louboutin. It has been reported that Blake was given an entire Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 collection by the designer himself. Not only that, she was also granted a shopping spree in Paris and a shoe design she liked so much was named after her.
The “Blake” design named after Blake Lively (retail price is approximately Php40,000-50,000)


  • Local celebrities have also displayed fondness for the brand:


    Much has been said about the Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga‘s shoe fetish on both print and TV. Her Louboutin collection always stands out. It was once featured that even her director-boyfriend Paul Soriano gifted the star with a pair of the designer shoes. 
    Images:, by TONIisTONI
    Queen of All Media and Presidential Sister Kris Aquino shared in a November 2011 Kris TV episode that her good friends comedian Vice Ganda and stylist Liz Uy gave her this pair as an advanced Christmas gift.

    Images: ABS-CBN Kris TV November 14, 2011 episode screencaps

    Celebrity stylist Liz Uy celebrated her birthday this year with a fabulous fondant cake (by Virginia Juan Cakes) inspired by a pair of sparkly Louboutin pumps. Stylebible revealed that the special cake was designed by Liz’s brother Vince Uy.
    Images: (user vince_uy),, video screencap
  • Best-selling romance novelist Danielle Steel has been tagged as the brand’s best client. There are claims the famous author owns 6,000 pairs of Louboutin.
Danielle Steel 
Images: Danielle Steel’s official Facebook page and
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Jennifer Lopez’s “Louboutins” performance
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