Finding a genuine set of friends is priceless!
Every laughter with them is heartfelt. Every pain and heartbreak you are going through at the moment will also be theirs to bear. They empathize with you.
It doesn’t matter if you just spend a few minutes together over a cup of coffee at your favorite Starbucks branch or if you all spend days of nonstop chitchatting about anything under the sun during your weekend getaway at Boracay… 
What’s most important is that you share moments together which you can all surely treasure forever.
But how do you find the best set of friends? Randomistas, here’s a tip from us!
…form your own Fab Five! 
Here’s our list of the five types of friends that we think everyone should have in their lives. And if you are still clueless what these “stereotypical” friends are like, fear not! We have thought of some local showbiz celebrities who can probably serve as excellent “pegs” for each type.
P.S.: We don’t personally know any of these artistas/“showbiz pegs” listed below. Based on what we see on TV and read everywhere, we think they resemble and fit each stereotype perfectly. 

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1. The Listening Ear
Was there any point in your life when you felt really down and horrible, perhaps after you fought with your parents or right after you caught your girlfriend/boyfriend cheating? You think that the whole world is seemingly against you. But, you just need someone to talk to. You just have to let it all out. All those frustrations, cries of despair, and loneliness. You need someone who will listen to you wholeheartedly without judging you. These are the friends that will go the extra mile to be there for you any time of the day and anywhere you are. Catch up over Skype or via private messages on Facebook? They will always welcome you with open arms.
Showbiz pegs:
Bianca Gonzalez, Karylle, Paolo Bediones
2. The Frank Buddy
Sometimes, you receive unsolicited advice from them. It doesn’t mean they are terribly mean to you if they become frank. Most often than not, real honest friends are the ones you need to make you realize the truth; the truth that other people might not have the courage to tell straight to your face — e.g. You’re too fat now! You’re too kind that’s why your mukhang-perang boyfriend is already abusing you! Your pink top doesn’t go with your neon green skirt! Run to them if you need truthful answers to your questions and problems… 
Showbiz pegs:
Vice Ganda, Christine Reyes, Joey de Leon
3. “Same Wavelength” Pal
You come from a totally different background, but somehow your interests are so similar. You hit it off very well in terms of passions and dreams in life. You both want to eat choco-peanut ice cream! You both have huge crushes on sexy chinitas! You finish off each other’s sentences. What’s funny and scary at the same time is that you can tell what the other person is thinking at any random moment. It’s as if you both have some form of ESP. You connect extremely well with each other.
Showbiz pegs:
Toni Gonzaga, Tim Yap, Ryan Agoncillo
4. The Life of the Party
Although you won’t run to them all the time when you are in deep sh*t as they may not take you seriously, you still need the happy-go-lucky, entertaining, funny people by your side to make your world a more colorful place to live in. Their hilarious side will always uplift your spirits. Their positive outlook in life just pushes you to become a better, cheerful person. Their main role is to entertain you and let you find life’s simple joys.Take a breather. Let go of stress. Let your friend amuse you for a while!  
Rufa Mae Quinto, Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano
5. Inspirational Friend
They are sometimes too perfect! Perfect skin. Perfect teeth. Perfect hair. Talented. Wise. Intelligent. Rich. Career-driven. Caring. Friendly. Family-oriented. God fearing. The thought of it can be annoying at times. But they serve as your real inspiration for you to strive better in life. They are your role models. They motivate and bring out the best in you!
Showbiz Pegs:
Sarah Geronimo, Boy Abunda, KC Concepcion
Looking at your own circle of friends, do you have all five of them?


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