In this seemingly never-ending quarantine, most of us are now finding different ways to keep ourselves from spiraling. We take on new hobbies, learn the latest online dance craze, or just plain rediscover ourselves through solitude or music.

Keiko Necesario capped off the past year with the release of her second album Ready, Let Go under Warner Music Philippines (WMP). Rolling into 2021, she found herself having enough time to also start her business Kreations by Keiko where she sells her digital and hand-painted artworks. Despite the lockdown’s limited physical space and opportunities, Keiko is gracefully pushing through. “The lockdown started a year ago and I am grateful that I had a home where I’m safe, especially now, that it’s still not over. Also, I went into this quarantine single and this year, I’m in it as a married woman and I’m also thankful cause I’m not alone and I don’t know how but in spite of the pandemic, I was and still am able to work on my music. Learn more and grow more,” shares Keiko.

Thanks to YouTube and other digital platforms that provide a virtual stage for musicians, the artists can still express themselves through music and at the same time, float on together with their fans. On what Keiko thinks about her fellow musicians delving into online shows, she says, “I love that people are getting more creative with their gifts and I am all out support to anyone who uses their talent or their minds and hearts for a purpose. So, I am proud of the industry because we don’t just stop when opportunities get paused because of a virus. Even more, this community expands because of the hopeful dreams we all still have. For ourselves and for each other.”

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For Keiko, the pandemic era is a chance to keep connected with everyone. She partnered with her home label Warner Music Philippines for a limited docuseries entitled Ready, Let Go Diaries in line with her album’s first anniversary. The docuseries chronicles the artist’s personal life and the entire recording process of the said album. “This documentary is a series of all my little stories about how the process of the entire recording of my album Ready, Let Go came together and there’s also lots of things I’m sharing with everyone in this. More than the music, it’s the stories of my learnings and my growth and the lessons that became clear to me during this experience. I wanted to make this documentary ever since because I want people to connect more with me and the songs and for me to share my journey with them,” says Keiko said. The first episode was launched last August 6 on her YouTube channel,, and is currently being released in all Fridays of August.

Looking back on the album’s creation, Keiko expresses, “The incredible creativity enabled for everyone involved in the whole recording of that album is already memorable for me but the fact that there were strong foundations of friendships built inside that process tops the list of all that happened. We were all working as one and I’ve always been a believer of a positive environment. When the space you get to create in is free of all unnecessary stress and when the people cooperate with kindness and compassion, all the work gets done smoothly and everyone’s fulfilled. That’s my favorite memory from it.”

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Every episode is different according to Keiko. If there’s one that stood out for her, she says, “And just like what I wanted with my songs in the album, I wanted all of them to stand and shine on their own. So, I guess it’s just right to say that I am excited for all the episodes to be released and have their moment. I’m incredibly proud of what I accomplished with my talented friend, Nukie Timtiman, when we edited the whole thing together and I’m even more thrilled for people to see everything we worked hard for. This series is definitely just for this album but there are more things to come that I’m excited about for sure. More music, more content, more art. And yes, more artists that I’m going to invite to work with me because I love it when I get to be part of a team.” Right after the episodes, Keiko will also be releasing the songwriter’s versions of her songs from the Ready, Let Go album.

Watch the first episode of Keiko Necesario’s “Ready, Let Go Diaries” on now, and make sure to watch from beginning to end. Keiko will be giving away personalized diary covers to her lucky viewers. All you have to do is wait for the code and link that will randomly pop up during each episode, and lock in your details to complete your entry.

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