Adulthood is full of little messes that you’re supposed to clean up by yourself, and figuring out how to navigate all that can be exhausting. With Leanne and Naara’s podcast, we don’t have to go through it alone.

From Warner Music Philippines comes the newest adulting series Daybreak The Podcast, where hosts Leanne and Naara talk about music and life in their 20s with special guests Shaira Luna, Jungee Marcelo, and Warner Music Indonesia’s Rahmania Astrini among others. Daybreak is the space where the duo asked and answered questions about making career decisions, seizing opportunities, and appreciating things that you gain despite the circumstances.

“We thought it would be an exciting way to reach out to our audiences. What appealed to us is the simplicity of it; just talking about our process without any theatrics,” the girls said. Each episode is unfiltered, revealing a side of Leanne and Naara that fans don’t get to see up close. Through Daybreak The Podcast, the duo found the perfect opportunity to mix musical performances with an inspiring experience that may put their fans at ease with the current lockdown situation. “We wanted to delve deeper into the making of the album and at the same time allow the listeners to see our authentic selves. We carefully picked out the guests. The list included people whom we’ve worked with in the album, and those whom we have collaborated with in the past,” the hosts explained further.

Daybreak ends with Leanne and Naara singing songs from their debut album of the same name as part of its promotion. Taped in the Warner Music Philippines HQ, Daybreak The Podcast launched last December 2020 and is available to watch on Leanne and Naara’s YouTube channel.

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Out of the episodes, Leanne and Naara said their favorite is the one with Jungee Marcelo. “The episode with Sir Jungee was really special. We were holding back our tears because we didn’t expect he had all those kind things to say about us. It was a lovely conversation that we will not soon forget.” Daybreak’s future is a bit unsure but when asked about their dream guests, the hosts said, “Our music idols! Like Jay Durias, Nyoy Volante, Armi Miliare, Julianne Tarroja and so much more. We’re not totally closing our doors and if ever we’re continuing it we’d love to really take our time planning it out, so it might take a while before the next episode comes out.”

CHECK out the available episodes:


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