“Mr. Take It Slow In The Gym” recently got addicted to a new fitness routine — spinning!

It’s an alternative form of cardio exercise for me as I temporarily pause from running. I’ve been doing these spinning classes for almost a month now (for at least 2x-3x a week) and I realized that I sweat more and push myself more when I do an hour of cycling rather than running 30 minutes on a treadmill. As you’re sitting together with other like-minded fat-burning enthusiasts in the class, it becomes more thrilling and inspiring. Plus the fact that you have motivational instructors who have the most good-looking thighs in the whole wide world. Who wouldn’t want those?

Last night, as buckets and buckets of sweat rolled down from my forehead, Deborah’s (my ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’ spinning instructor) fitness battle cry kept resounding in my head — “if you don’t do it now, then when?” she says to all of us in the room as I maintain my circular pedaling.

Spinning have surprisingly become new avenues for me to be reminded of powerful and insightful life lessons. And here are some of them:

You need resistance in order to become stronger. Is my instructor still talking about upping my bike knob or is she already talking about life problems? True enough, whatever challenges you, changes you… for the better.

Spend some time in ‘Warming Up.’ We need to stretch and start basic cycling. Be prepared for battle – it’s always best to be prepared in life – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Don’t look down. In spinning, looking down and arching your back downwards will be obstructive for your breathing. So look up, look ahead – keep your chin up as you stride along your journey.

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There’s no more turning back – look at your end goal. Imagine that you’re about to reach a race’s finish line. Fight for your end goals and dreams. Once you’ve already started, there’s no more time to look back.

When the going gets tough… sing. The tough gets going as they say. But when all else fails, you just gotta sing along to the beat. It’s always good to just have fun. Create a life playlist that you can hum along to everyday.

Follow. Instructions are given in order to achieve the right outcome. So better follow someone who already knows how to do it.

Feel the pain. With pain comes power. It might be painful now, but it’s all worth it.

Make time for recovery. We all need downtimes whenever we’re feeling tired. Resting does not only help us prepare for whatever that may lie ahead, but it also helps us to cope up and recover from whatever pain, failure, or challenges we have just gone through.

So, gear up and buckle up!

Here’s my favorite cycling track:



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