In an industry that has long been celebrating the glow of fair-skinned celebrities, the country’s Queen of Soul Jaya stands out with her morena skin. While she has made a name for herself in the music scene aside from being the daughter of the late singer-actress Elizabeth Ramsey, Jaya admitted in a recent press conference that she has had her share of getting bullied in the past for her skin color.

CEO Rina Navarro & brand endorser Jaya

As the newly launched face and brand ambassador of skincare brand Unfiltered, Jaya aims to use her influence to encourage and empower women in embracing their beauty and finding comfort in their own skin.

During the Q&A, she shared with Random Republika what she went through and sent out a message for young Filipinas going through the same struggle.

RR: While morena beauty is being embraced now, did you also experience bullying or receiving harsh comments in the past because of your skintone?

Jaya: Ever since I was young, lalo na ‘70s-’80s, uso talaga ‘yung ‘Ang itim mo naman!,’ ‘Nognog!’ Lahat na ng klase ng something. Those are the things na medyo nag-shift na. Globalism has absolutely conquered that na. No matter what you are, no matter what skintone you have, keri na! Everything is acceptable na. But for those who are still struggling and nararamdaman niyong binu-bully pa rin kayo when it comes to your skin tone, you just have to be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Wala kayong dapat ikahiya! That’s what God gave you. That’s the beauty that can carry you through. Don’t be afraid. Post lang kayo nang post.

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Going Unfiltered

Jaya then encouraged women to use her current tried-and-tested No Filter kit by Unfiltered Skin Essentials and gave them the reassurance that it’s not about skin whitening but evening out the skintone. “Be beautiful kahit anong skintone ninyo,” she ended her answer.

She recalled the time she was introduced to the no-filter kit. It was during a lunch meetup with Unfiltered owner Rina Navarro. She happily recounted her experience the next day after using the product, “My skin is very sensitive kaya ayoko ng skincare. But this one didn’t feel mahapdi so ginamit ko na siya noong gabi rin. The next day, I saw a difference in texture. Medyo malambot na ang valatch (balat/skin)! Ganern!

Jaya shared, “Ako kasi, hindi ako consistent sa skincare. Cinonsistent ko ang paggamit [ng Unfiltered] ng at least one week.” Rina continued, “And then she posted on the seventh day. Nagulat nga ako kasi ang sipag talaga eh! Hindi nga namin ma-post ‘yung iba kasi talagang selfie camera ang ginamit. Parang dinedemo niya”

Jaya’s favorites

“My favorite talaga is the soap because I use it on my face and my body. I let it sit there for two minutes. Medyo loka-loka lang ako,” the natural comedienne said. “Sa body? Kaya pala ang lakas mo mag-order!,” Rina jokingly responded.

“Bintana lang ang ilaw ko!” — Jaya shared how she kept her photos “unfiltered”

Hindi ako nagpapaputi. I just want to even out my skintone kasi nasunog ako sa Boracay. The soap feels really good. I can tell there’s a change in texture and color,” Jaya explained. She also added the serum and night cream to her list. “Si night cream talaga ‘yung may nagagawang chururot!,” she funnily raved.

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From singer to entrepreneur / Unfiterpreneur

About Unfiltered Skin Essentials

“Unfiltered is a character. It wasn’t really a brand when I thought of the name. In a way, it represents me and the women I know. I want a skincare that reminds them to love themselves and encourage them to show the world who they are.” — CEO Rina Navarro clarified that the brand name has nothing to do with the trendy social media filters

Former Viva Entertainment AVP, multi-awarded movie producer, I Am Hope founder and proud single mom of four Rina Navarro is the CEO of Unfiltered skincare brand. She has been consistent in saying that her goal in putting up the business is to provide Filipinos with a good skincare brand that they can afford.

CEO Rina Navarro wants a simplified skincare routine for everyone.



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