Welcoming guests with calming and elegant interiors, Pillow Beds PH had a soft launch in July 2023 and a grand launch in October of the same year. Since then, it has gained popularity due to its premium offerings, such as cozy and spacious layouts, as well as elegant decorations and modern amenities.

According to CEO and President Clara Day Herrera, also a well-known yoga expert, Pillow Beds PH is described as a premium lounge and lofts establishment in the heart of Quezon City, specifically located on Eastwood Avenue.

Herrera expressed her vision for Pillow Beds PH, stating, “Our vision for Pillow Beds PH is to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for our guests. We aim to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere where guests can truly feel at home and enjoy their stay to the fullest.” The place’s interiors are well-curated from structure down to colors. The overall theme aims to evoke happy thoughts and relaxing vibes.

In addition to offering stress-free spaces, Herrera revealed her plans to incorporate a dedicated yoga area where guests can meditate, relax, and unwind, providing an escape from the demands of daily life.

The wellness expert emphasized, “What sets Pillow Beds PH apart from other Airbnbs is our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service. We go above and beyond to ensure that our guests have everything they need during their stay, from complimentary amenities to a fully-equipped loft. Moreover, our prime location in the heart of Quezon City offers convenient access to various attractions and amenities.”

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She continued, “The concept behind Pillow Beds PH was born out of the desire to create a space that seamlessly combines luxury and comfort. Our aim was to provide a stylish and elegant environment that caters to both leisure and business travelers. The interior design of our lofts reflects this vision, boasting spacious layouts, elegant decor, and modern amenities.”

Describing Pillow Beds PH as a true home, Herrera offered her personal definition of what “home” truly means. She stated, “Home, for us, is not merely a physical space but a feeling of comfort and belonging. It is a place where you can relax, be yourself, and create lasting memories. At Pillow Beds Ph, we strive to recreate this sense of home for our guests by providing a warm and welcoming environment.”

Guests staying at Pillow Beds Ph can anticipate a stay characterized by relaxation and pampering. The ambiance is luxurious yet cozy, offering all the amenities and comforts of home. Whether they are enjoying the spacious layout, making use of the fully-equipped kitchen, or indulging in the complimentary amenities, guests will experience the very best that Quezon City has to offer.

Connect with Pillow Beds PH on Instagram (@pillowbedsph), Facebook (Pillow Beds PH), and on Airbnb (airbnb.com/h/pillowbedsph), or visit their official website at pillowbedsph.com.


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