“This is something we conceptualized and developed more than two years ago,” the ICITYPH President and CEO Judith Arlyn Vergara introduced us to the country’s first mega app in a pocket interview. ICITY PH Chairman Johnny approached a team of IT or information technology experts to come up with an app that Filipinos would “not be able to live without.” Fast forward to 2023, after eight months of rigorous testing, in an exclusive gathering attended by approximately 80 distinguished guests representing diverse fields, including business, healthcare, law, and education, the long-awaited preview of ICITY PH was unveiled. The event, hosted by Yu and graced by the presence of TESDA NCR Regional Director, Engr. Jovencio Ferrer, along with officers from the NCR National Alliance of TVET Schools Association and Krizzia Ann Loyang Tanabe from iFranchise Group, highlighted ICITY PH’s potential as the Philippines’ ultimate “mega” app for MSMEs.

The iCity Executive Board headed by Chairman Johnny Yu

What is ICITY about?

Based on our interview, here a few things you need to know about the mega app:

iCity PH offers users swift access to a wide array of services and products, often within a mere 30-minute timeframe. Their comprehensive range includes on-demand services, prompt deliveries, and efficient transportation solutions.

Whether one seeks a relaxing massage or home-delivered cuisine, iCity stands ready to assist. In the event of an urgent office overhaul requirement, users can conveniently solicit bids through the iCity platform. Furthermore, if pet owners need immediate professional guidance for their ailing canine companions, iCity extends its services to encompass video consultations. These examples merely scratch the surface of what iCity can provide to cater to diverse needs.

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iCity also presents iPabili and iPahatid services, ensuring access to items not currently featured on the app. Personal shoppers are available to procure items as requested. In addition to shopping, iCity assists with a variety of everyday tasks, such as retrieving forgotten items, arranging for special cake deliveries with personal dedications, settling bills, acquiring prescribed medications, and much more.

Notably, iCity has devised a user income-sharing program that rewards individuals for sharing the app, offering a lifetime of benefits for every referral. This emphasizes that iCity is not just an app but a comprehensive solution designed to meet all your requirements, all in one place. Their ultimate goal is to enhance your daily life by providing an exceptional user experience on their platform.

iCity places a premium on user safety, ensuring that only authorized vendors and riders participate in their network. The app is readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, granting users immediate access to the ultimate convenience of consolidating all their needs within a single application.

Here are the following benefits of downloading the app.

CONVENIENCE. ICITY PH transcends the boundaries of a typical mobile application; it’s a game-changer. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, ICITY PH is poised to redefine convenience in the Philippines. This innovative app offers a diverse array of goods and services, video consultations, pet transportation solutions, and small project bidding – all seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive platform.

EMPOWERMENT. ICITY PH serves a more profound purpose than just providing a convenient marketplace for daily necessities. It serves as a dynamic platform, opening doors for freelancers and recent graduates of tech-voc schools who have undergone rigorous training and certification from TESDA.

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VALUABLE FORESIGHT. The sneak peek event offered a tantalizing preview of what’s to come with ICITY PH. With its impressive capabilities and remarkable growth potential, it’s no wonder that excitement is mounting in anticipation of its official launch. ICITY PH promises to simplify and elevate the Filipino lifestyle, making it an essential app for every smartphone user in the country.

SENSE OF BELONGING. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of the ICITY PH community. With its wide range of features and continuous updates, ICITY PH is destined to become the go-to app for every Filipino. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and prepare to experience the future of everyday living with ICITY PH. It’s now available for download on the Play Store and App Store, and registration for vendors and service providers is open.


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