After a two-decade hiatus, the iconic Hong Kong action-thriller maestro, John Woo, is back with a cinematic masterpiece that promises to captivate audiences. ‘Silent Night,’ starring the acclaimed Swedish actor, Joel Kinnaman, is set to grace Philippine cinemas on November 29.

This highly anticipated film marks Woo’s triumphant return to the Hollywood stage, brought to life through the collaboration with the explosive blockbuster producer, Basil Iwanyk, renowned for his work on franchises like The Expendables and John Wick.

Joel Kinnaman, celebrated for his roles in ‘House of Cards,’ the 2014 ‘Robocop’ remake, and the ‘Suicide Squad’ films, takes on the character of a father seeking retribution for his son’s tragic death, caught in the crossfire of a Christmas gang shootout. The profound emotional resonance of the story deeply moved Woo, who shared, “It was a remarkably well-crafted script, and the narrative genuinely touched me, as I have three children of my own.”

Kinnaman’s character embarks on a radical transformation, honing his combat skills and gearing up for a face-off with the gang member responsible for his son’s demise. Woo commended Kinnaman’s unwavering commitment to the role, noting that the actor embraced his character from the very start, immersing himself in intense physical training and even performing a significant portion of his own stunts. Woo praised Kinnaman, saying, “He remained in character throughout, pushing himself to the limit in his physical preparation. He trained daily with our fight coordinator, rehearsing and mastering all the action sequences. It was a pleasure working with him.”

The star-studded cast also features Scott Mescudi, known as the rapper Kid Cudi, who steps into the role of a determined cop. It turns out Mescudi is a devoted fan of Woo’s work. Woo recalled their conversation, saying, “When he arrived on set, he told me, ‘All I want to do is John Woo action.’ I asked him, ‘What is John Woo action?’ ‘It’s firing with two guns.’ So I gave him two guns.”

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Nathan Studios and 888 Films International, the film’s Philippine distributors, are known for their commitment to delivering edgy and gripping content to local audiences. Their track record with the riveting series ‘Cattleya Killer’ and the film ‘Topakk,’ known internationally as ‘Triggered,’ underscores their dedication to delivering cutting-edge entertainment.

‘Silent Night’ promises an exhilarating, full-throttle experience, featuring heart-pounding action sequences that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Filipino moviegoers are in for a cinematic delight as they witness the resurgence of John Woo’s iconic filmmaking style on the silver screen. Brace yourselves for a film that serves up pure, unadulterated action and a narrative that will keep you engrossed until the final credits roll.

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