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Named after the gun created by the late Gen. Arisaka Nariakira, the film got its title from the staple gun used by the Japanese in World War II. This also plays a crucial role in the film, turning the film against its characters.

Building the story around the gun, its history and play in the war, the film made a detailed backstory of it progresses throughout the entirety, slowly building up the elements to a full show.

Director Mikhail Red got creative with this project, even with a basic formula to follow. He imagined every part of it as its own universe. Giving details in every scene with every turn of the camera.

It can be observed that Direk Mikhail really took the time to perfectly bring the script to life. The cinematography is superb. There were clear shots of the signs and symbols while blurring out the rest to give emphasis on the objective of the scene. The amera angles and switching of POVs added depth to story, allowing the audience to feel a deeper connection to the sequence.

Capitalizing on the gray vibe, the movie seemed to have nothing to uplift of mood. The story turned a little pale than expected. However, Mikhail still managed to scale the gray by adding violence on the side and blood in the middle. That somehow balanced the colors to create the visuals the audience needs.

Maja Salvador as Mariano, befitted the role of a newbie cop whose sense of justice is residing. A common brand trait that blends well with the chemistry of the cast. She allowed others to also stand out.

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Actor Mon Confiado, as Sonny, portrayed the perfect villain of the film. He was calm yet fearsome. His demanding voice and commanding stare completed the characterization.

Overall, the film is at par with international ones. The project presents good story telling of what seems to be a typical Filipino movie formula. The filmmaker’s attention to details is remarkable.

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