Rob Deniel is taking his betting on his preferred style of music with the release of his brand new single titled “Ang Pag-ibig.” Upon first listen of this mid-tempo track, it’s easy to surmise what Rob Deniel’s music direction is these days.

And that would be retro-pop.

Starting with “Ulap” with its solid 40 million streams, to it’s follow up “Gabi” (7 million listens) to recent singles “Sinta” and “Kundiman” with its 2 and 4 million streams respectively, Rob Deniel likes his songs relaxed and having thatthrowback feel to it. And he does it again on “Ang Pag-ibig.”

Released last Friday, March 3, 2023, “Ang Pag-ibig” is the ninth solo single that the 19-year old Rob Denielhas put out.

“It’s all about catchy melodies for me and songs from the past have that in abundance,” said Rob. “Maybe that’s why I gravitate towards it.”

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter has been making music since he learned to play the guitar, and ever since, has been honing his craft and refining his sound this past few years.And while his ear leans on the classics, he has always used modern day methods in his music. Remember that he used to record songs on his mobile phone that eventually led to “Ulap” some three years ago that in turn led him to being signed by the Vicor label, which incidentally the original home of the same classics that Rob professes to love.

It’s that same sensibility that he brings to “Ang Pag-Ibig” wherein he brings classic pop sensibilities with modern production techniques. Composed and written by Rob, the song was recorded with the help of Awit-awarded producer/recording engineer Jean Paul Verona at the Viva Recording Studios with a mix by Verona and sound mastering by Leon Zervos.

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The vibe is unmistakably retro, but at the same time it sounds so 2023.

“I’ve always loved the music of the past, but I also wanted to bring something new to the table,” says Rob Deniel. “’With  Ang Pag-ibig,’ I aim to capture the spirit of classic pop while also giving it a fresh twist.”

Sure enough, with recognizable hooks, a soulful performance that comes out of his falsettos, Rob has struck a chord with young fans and longtime listeners alike. 

Proof of it is the more than 90 million plus streams on Spotify and YouTube that Rob Denielhas earned over the course of  nine singles. And to think that he can still be classified in the rising star category means that Rob Deniel has a whole lot more to offer. It would be good to keep and eye and ear out for this ace.

The official music video for “Ang Pag-ibig” premiered last March 5 on Rob Deniel’s official YouTube channel. The music video features Karina Bautista as Rob’s on-screem muse and is directed by Chris Kazin. The song is available on all music streaming platforms and is released by Vicor.


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