“Ang Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu” Slater Young
Image courtesy of Slater Young’s Facebook fanpage


The PBB Regular Season Big Winners:
Nene Tamayo (2005), Bea Saw (2007), Melai Cantiveros (2010), and Slater Young (2012)
Images courtesy of ABS-CBN
The “Hotshot Engineer of Cebu” Slater Young made history last night as he was hailed the first ever male Big Winner in a regular season of Pinoy Big Brother. For those unfamiliar, PBB also had celebrity and teen editions within the past seven years. Other winners for this season are Pamu Pamorada (2nd Big Placer), Joseph Emil Biggel (3rd Big Placer), and Paco Evangelista (4th Big Placer). Slater surprisingly garnered 40% of the total number of votes after the show implemented the single-sim voting scheme. This only reflects the huge following he has gained. The 24-year old Big Winner got the Php 2,000,000-cash prize, a Crystal Clear franchise, an Asian tour package, an appliance showcase, and a guesting in a Kapamilya show in the US. 
Read on as we look back on some random Slater moments this season (including his inspiring audition story!):
  • Second week into the season, Slater had to face his first major task. Instructed to make new housemate Joya believe he was smitten at first sight, Slater stood up for what he believed in and refused to finish the task. He believed it wasn’t fair to play with a girl’s emotions. While Big Brother gave Slater an automatic nomination for his refusal to do the task, we believe the housemate’s conviction earned him a larger fanbase. In fact, Slater’s Bible-inspired quotation, “For what is a man who gains the world but loses himself in the process?” instantly spread all over the internet. 
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Video: Slater-Joya [Nov. 10, 2011] from cybercebuto on Vimeo.


  • A self-confessed non-dancer, Slater still took on the dance task seriously with assigned partner Tin. The pair won first place in the samba category for their major weekly competition, The Big Ballroom Battle.


Video: Youtube (2ne1korenay)

  • Slater was not spared from the loveteam tradition inside the PBB house. Observing fans in the “outside world” paired Slater with fellow housemates and two major loveteams were formed: SLAVINE (Slater and Divine) and SLATIN (Slater and Tin). Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, and online forums are teeming with shots of kilig moments, fan fiction, and music videos.
SLAVINE (Slater + Divine Maitland-Smith) and SLATIN (Slater + Tin Patrimonio)
Images: Slavine’s and Slatin’s Facebook fan pages
  • For those who missed this, here’s Slater’s audition story
Video: Youtube (gheraldyne024)