Can I really do this? I was completely hesitant the whole time while fastening the rope into the metal buckles that were tied on my waist. I couldn’t even create proper 8s, which were the primary instructions given to me as a climber.

I took one of the easiest wall climbs and was aggressively stepping on different colored holds — which by the way was a total gaffe on my part. It was my first try after all.

I looked up and began my ascend. Mid-way, I gazed down and felt the inertia trying to pull me back. Vertigo with a mix of acrophobia kicked in for a few seconds. I pushed my hips and thighs up so hard, enough to launch me to the climbing holds positioned ahead.

And there I was, above of it all. On top of the world. Now my next problem was how to release my firm grasp from the wall and slide down?

I managed to complete two routes and then my arms began to tremble. The next two tries were unexpected downfalls. I can now finally say — I’ve successfully learned the art of letting go.

wall climbing at rockworld johor bahru

You’ve built your wall so high, but I’m gonna try.

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