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Dear girls,
Often times, our long-time high school crushes don’t end up as the people we eventually get married to. The guys we dream about don’t necessarily turn out as the Prince Charming who will give us our much-deserved happy endings. And the boys who wish to sleep with us during our first date night aren’t the best people who are worthy to walk us down the aisle.
So who’s the type of person we should just leave as a FLING and the type of man we should end up MARRYING?Here’s a list of local Pinoy celebs who we think can be classified as a FLING type or as a MARRYING type (based mainly on the characters they portray on TV/Movies and the rumors circulating about them in showbizlandia).(Note: This list was written purely based on the writer’s personal preferences and opinions, and you may AGREE or DISAGREE with me. Enjoy reading!)
1. The One Who Serenades You vs. The One Who’s Always Rumored To Be Dating Different Girls
(Xian Lim vs. Gerald Anderson)
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2. The One You Will Introduce To Your Mother vs. The One Everyone Has A Crush On
(John Lloyd Cruz vs. Derek Ramsay)
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3. The One With The Sincere Smile vs. The One Who’s Always Sporting The Sexy Smize
(Robi Domingo vs. Enrique Gil) 
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4. The One Who Takes You To The Beach For A Surfing Lesson vs. The One Who Always Brings You To A Club/Bar For A Few Drinks
(Jericho Rosales vs. Jake Cuenca)
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5. The Mature Guy vs. The Young Boy
(Jeron Teng vs. Jeric Teng)
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6. The Man Who Dresses Up Very Well vs. The Man Who Is Always Undressed
(Richard Yap vs. Albert Martinez)

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7. The Man Who Takes Care Of His Lady vs. The Ladies’ Man

(Tom Rodriguez vs. Dennis Trillo)

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8. The Family Man vs. The Man Who’s Not Yet Ready To Settle Down

(Doug Kramer vs. Luis Manzano)

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9. The Man Who Stands Up For His Woman vs. The Man Who Needs To Step Up His Game

(Dingdong Dantes vs. Richard Gutierrez)

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10. The “Been There-Done That” Established Man vs. The Playful Lad

(Piolo Pascual vs. Enchong Dee)

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