Tonight’s episode leads us into the much-awaited scenes in Primetime Bida’s The Legal Wife. Monica (Angel Locsin) finally finds out who her husband Adrian‘s (Jericho Rosales) other woman is.


FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT, THE MAIN SCENARIO: In a tension-filled moment, Monica asks a crowd at the resort who among them owns the necklace she has at hand (which she found out by chance that Adrian purchased with the bracelet given to her). Someone identifies the necklace as the one Nicole (Maja Salvador) was looking for. Left with no choice, Nicole owns up to the situation and admits that she is indeed the owner. A lot of revealing moments ensue.


I know how a lot of people are quite affected by this series so here are some random highlights:

Monica recognized the Php70,000-necklace from the jewelry store which she was told was bought by Adrian together with the bracelet given to her. Hehe, thanks to the seller for giving out that info!;)
The legal wife came up on stage and looked for the necklace’s owner.
For a moment there, I enjoyed the looks of panic on Adrian and Nicole, hehe. Affected much?
The ladies’ reactions when a girl identified Nicole as the owner. Nicole was left with no choice but to confirm it. Epic.
As Monica walked away after handing Nicole her necklace, she was flooded with memories that were sort of evidences of a possible affair between her husband and best friend. Ouch.
Oooh, more exciting happenings are yet to come!
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